Tin foil and food?

Discussion in 'The Great Indoors' started by oneblownaZn, May 20, 2010.

  1. So I got the munchies pretty bad yet not access to a stove or microwave. Got hot water taco meat and some aluminum foil? Would it be a bad idea to wrap the "cooked" meat in the foil then drop it in the hot water to warm it up? Please help a starving blade. Thx!
  2. Man... no stove or microwave? You just have a sink with hot water? That's terrible dude. Are you living in a crack house or something?

    Just eat that shit cold..sounds like the best you'll get.

    Or spend $5 on a microwave from a garage sale.
  3. if you dont mind me askin, why do you only have taco meat,hot water & tin foil? U livin in the forest?
  4. lol mexicans...
  5. Agh fuck pointless thread. Ate the food anyway. Yeah I'm not in a crack house or forest, just locked in my room at some whack ass temple and can't access the kitchen or downstairs area in general cuz alarm is on which is equiped with motion sensors.
  6. where the fuck do u live?
  7. And yet you can get weed and access the internet? They can afford motion sensors n shit but they can't afford to feed you?

    Yeah wtf is this shit lol, did u murder somebody's dog?

  8. You quoted where I said I lived. And if you're asking where that temple is, then you're not getting an answer...

    But yeah this place has $70k invested in 2 lotus shaped lamps, so motion sensors are neccesary when the only thing that separates that and the outside world is a glass front door. Yeah, I asked the same thing.

    As far as blazing goes, let's just say febreeze is my best friend
  9. haha yall blades are too funny

    interesting life you're living man sounds kinda cool
  10. Haha well I guess one person in this thread could find out where I'm living rather easily, but yeah that's what happens when ur parents are Asian and find out u smoke weed LOL!

    Just waiting for Cali may 30th!
  11. Holy shit are you being held kidnapped by James Bond, or possibly a monk in training in some ancient temple? I guess the taco meat would make sense in either scenario
  12. i know where your living a cheap ass fake fabreeze factory what mexicans work at.

    iam i right?

    Ps. im not trying to offend anyone.
  13. I should delete this pointless thread

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