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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by nushaganazad, Jun 2, 2006.

  1. well guys, i went today to see tim, and allllll he wants is a damn joint lol. thats all he wants and we teased one of the nurses about it all day lol. but no bud for him lol.

    But the Cat scan came back, and this is what it is.

    Broken nose
    Broken Jaw
    3 fractures in skull
    Bruised brain
    Broken Ankle
    3 Broken Rips
    Fractured arm.
    2 black eyes halfway closed now.

    So this morning i stopped by barnes and noble and picked him up some good reading, The myspace edition of PlayBoy. and i hcilled there until i just got back right now, they have him allll kinds of messed up on percesets, the 500 ones, and demeral, whatever its called.

    But im home now getting my xbox to take him to play with lol. I hope it makes him feel better.

    Just wanted everyone to knjow how final condition, keep him in your prayers please.
  2. Is there another thread that explains what the hell happened to Tim??
  3. yea, there was two, one got deleted cause i just blew up and freaked out. and the other is in real life stories, "Continued story"
  4. yah syntax, apparently this duschebag kid and like 5 of his friends, randomly showed up, with no real good excuse, with bats, pistols, knives, and fucked up nush's boy tim... nush was supposed to get a ride to the party, but never got one and ended up falling asleep @ like 2:30... 3 out of 5 ppl are in custody, getting charged with attempted murder and 2 are... uhh.... "missing" ;) ;) ;) :devious::mad:

    lol atleast hopefully "missing" ;) ;) ;) :devious: :mad:
  5. Shit a bruised brain? Never heard of that. that must have killed a lot of brain cells then.
  6. Tim didnt hvae any braincells going into the room haha, jk jk

    BUT i dont know what it is called, that was tims explenation of it, its got a reallly long name, but they said its basically just a bruised brain, it is a muscle, it can happen.
  7. Did they say how long it will take him to recover?
  8. wow, they must've been trying to kill your friend, i cant believe that guy shoberg would get together 4 of his buddies to try and kill your boy all because of some psycho bitch that he used to date:confused: just wow...he must be a real hothead that shoberg guy
  9. he is just a f*ckin moron.....hopefully he has gotten his own by now:devious:
  10. Just got back from the hospital, things have gotten worse, there is air leaking into his brain from behind his nose where the skull is crushed in. I also got a pic of him all happy and doped up today right after he got outta the shower. Ill post it in the next post.
  11. Jeez poor guy. He doesnt look too good, but he'll be okay. If hes still alive, and hes not in critical condition he'll be fine.. No worries mate. Many good vibes heading your way! :wave:
  12. damn he'll be an airhead... lol sorry. but yeah that sucks man. i dont know how you didnt go buy an uzi and hunt that motherfucker down. thats some self control man.
  13. Ouch his eye looks so sore poor guy :(
    I'm sure he'll be fine :) and I'll keep him in my thoughts and prayers... medicine now days is wonderful..they can fix practically anything.. he actually looks pretty perky in that picture to me :D Just try not to worry about him too much, He's so lucky to have a great friend like you..you sound like your being absaloutley wonderful to him and I'm sure he appreciates every little bit of your support :)

    and..very off topic..but Tim has really nicely shaped eyebrows...
  14. If I ever got the shit beaten out of me I would want a friend like you man.
  15. isn't that the truth :smoke:
  16. Oh wow. I just read what happened to your friend Tim. That is fucked up man. People need to be more peaceful. Some assholes will never change.

    I'm sorry to hear what happened to him. I pray he wil be alright. Tonight I will smoke in hope for him to come out looking brand new and shiny :)
  17. Atleast hes being taken care of now dude. Glad to hear hes getting better.
  18. ill smoke a joint in his honor in a little bit once my mom goes to sleep. i hope he gets well. yea them guys are fucking assholes who did this to him. karma will come back at their ass.

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