Times you have been jipped/fooled/scammed involving WEED

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  1. Alright, like it or not we've all been shafted/jipped when it comes to weed, wether your dealer pinched you out, you lost your stash, some stole your shit....... WATEVER, just post your story
    heres mine

    Iiight so a few months back I was dry as hell and a so called friend hits me up like yo you wanna smoke? So im like watever so we get to his dealer and were parked around the corner, he says he has no money, np I smoked him out, but hes like you stay in the car ill go get it, im like iight gave him 55$ for an 1/8 of Haze
    He comes back with the baggie and Im like wtf? thats all he gave you? Im like you sure there isnt some missing(i can tell there was ALOT missing, almost half! it looked like someone pulled some out), he's like nah its dank haze thats how much he gives.....I was suspicious and proceeded to burn
    The next week we blazed again and he puts in half but i picked up the weed first , and guess what, ight the same baggie COMPLETELY FULL.... caught this little fucker......but i acted like nuttin happened, i went to him and pulled out the bag halfway full (just to see his reaction) and we continued to grind it and he's like "uhh you know ur missing some" and im like nah thats how much he gives, right? right then and there he knew that I KNEW he jipped me last time, havent spoken to him since

    but come on man, never mess with a dudes cannibus forreal, a friend with weed is a friend indeed, a friend that thieves is a friend in GREED! remember that
    although my loss was MINIMAL ,and i got it back, I just thought Id share
    you gotta be carefull man, even with these so called friends.
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    ohhhhhhh man.... check out this post i made a bit ago....

    some fuuuucked shit... ill never make that mistake again

    & i just read you're story, fucked up, i would've taken the whole bag, then gave your "friend" a big ol' mushroom stamp
  3. Ive probably gotten jipped 3 or 4 times the first few times i bought, doesnt happen anymore though. I have good mids hookup, but have to spend 60 1/8 for dank.

    Mids i can get are actually nice and lime green with a bit of crystals. Always indica. 20 1/8
    30-40 quarter 60 half, like 110-125 oz.

    The worst i got jipped was when i was a complete noob and bought what was supposed to be a 30 sack. It turned out to be an eigth or less so that kinda sucks. Now i know that kid is always trying to rip people off rediculously bad, and he doesnt know shit.

    I am gonna buy a scale in about a month. Also have to take a drug test in a month so prob wont be smoking again till i have a scale, im happy bout that.
  4. I've never been robbed but gotten quite a few slightly short bags. I have a really, really close group of friends and we always burn together (6-8 kids depending). We used to throw down $5 each and pick up for some blunt action. Well, this kid lived across the hall from me first semester. It took a little bit of time, but eventually we figured out this kid was a true marijuana addict, would sell his own mother for some bud. We knew he was pinching our bags so we stayed friendly but just stopped burning with him. He became friends with this other idiot who he took to the cleaners regularly. Luckily this tron transfered after one semester. Not a bad guy, but the drugs had a hold of him:(
  5. I have spent 150 on an ounce of high mids only to get 20 grams.

    I recently payed 20 bucks for a gram of dank, and it wasn't nug at all. It was broken up pieces, it was good weed, just not dank.
  6. I've posted this before but:

    I had just moved to the town I live in right now, and needed to find a hookup. So I decide "alright, I'm NOT leaving this mall until I talk to at least 5 people". I talk to two white dudes, then two black dudes. The black guys laughed "haha do I look like a dealer man? Yeah come on I can hook you up." We go outside, exchange phone numbers and he says "I'll go get it and call you in like 30 minutes" which was obvious time to scheme and prepare.

    I kill 30 minutes, he calls me to drive over to a back corner of the parking lot, I park behind him. His friend is in the passenger seat, he's driving. I go to the driver side window and he starts to get all...weird "cmon man I dont know you like that" and I just think "what....uh ok" and go to the passenger window. I give him 40 dollars, he gives me a sack of something, and they drive off. I just put it in my pocket and leave the area to take a quick peek. The baggie was full of some bush branches from around the mall buildings.

    I actually tried to call him again a few days later from a pay phone and say "hey man I heard you could hook me up?" and tell him to meet me somewhere that I could see his car, have him leave, and slash his tires. Well he never picked up. Lame.

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  7. I ve never got scammed with weed but a friend of mine got scammed, i went to the school s bathroom and he was like ,,yo dude look at this shit". He actualy bought ,,7 grams" of white widow. I told him to let me smell the jar, there was like only 3 grams of weed and 4 grams of oregano, i started laughing at him and i told him that he got scammed. He told me to be quiet and told me: shhhhh! Don t tell anyone. Guys be careful with the scammers always tell the dealer to let you see, smell, and try the weed.
  8. I have ripped off people and had the same thing done to me back in the 70's. Today, sometimes I get ripped from the dispensary. They sell huge logs in thier bags for weight. All I can do is give a bad review on weedmaps and find another dispensary.
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  9. Years ago I asked my now XGF's parents to hook up an ounce for 420. I asked on the 17th, and they knew a person who grew medicinal.

    Not only did they NOT hook me up with quality weed, it was literally an ounce of shwag compared to the medical grade they get, I wasn't hooked up until the 23rd, well after 420 and my birthday on the 22nd. Their dealer was their best friend who literally lived 2 blocks down the street! Not even a 5 minute walk.

    A few days later I throw some weed down for joints we were supposed to smoke at a kids B-day party (it was in the woods chill out), they rolled two joints, smoked one, and never smoked the other with me...

    Pretty shitty people considering they claim to be hippies, and considering I have a kid with their daughter, and considering their hook up grew and sold very high quality marijuana.

    Fucking B/s IMO because even dealers who barely know me treat me better than these people who were supposed to be "family". I sure wouldn't hook my family up with shitty bud, when my dealer grows high quality medical grade...
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    In my early smoking days a friend and i bought an 8th of a kid we were going to school with, he was in the year below us and said he got it out of his dads stash tin if i remember correctly. It was all ground up and everything, ready to burn. We couldnt wait to head to the woods after school and blaze it. But when we did, after chain smoking a few joints of unique tasting bud we came to the conclusion that we were smoking oregano... not fucking cool man, not cool.

    Since then i have been jipped and uncountable amount of times. In fact, i grew up in a small town where 95% of bags were not on the weight and in general just terrible ditch weed. I had a dealer once, i would go to his house and hand over the money. He would then proceed to pull a big black bin bag out of the freezer where he kept his already weighed out bags. FROZEN FUCKING WEED. Me and my boys had to defrost before smoking, ridiculous.
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  11. My sister and her boyfriend were jipped $200 for weed and $100 for something else last night. First guy took the money then took off, second guy sold them oxiginated salt. I'm just laughing because these guys were good people to them for so long and now they want to burn a good customer/dealer relationship over $200 and $100 respectively.
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  12. Only when I was young, but I soon learned.

    My money doesn't even come out of my wallet until after I have seen and smelled the weed.

    I will NEVER buy weed in dark places and without looking and smelling, if they won't allow that, they won't see any money from me.

    NEVER front money, EVER, not even to homies. Just a rule.

    Has worked the past decade.
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  13. Some cunt broke into my house and stole and eighth last night
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  14. Other than overpaying as a kid (20g/60e/110q/210h), I've only had one guy short me about 3 grams on a half oz. The weed was great, but only getting like 11.2 vs 14 when I paid 150, 160 was a little upsetting.

    I have been ripped off on some "Disco Biscuits" twice before... I don't think I need to go any further into this one. Lets just say sleep was not an option.
  15. I fronted a middle man to buy me some bud as a teenager, and learned the valuable life lesson of never letting my money walk. Thankfully it wasn't a lot of money.

    It took receiving about 1/3 what I was paying for of another drug before I finally learned to bring my scale and weigh up what I was buying every time, no exceptions! If a dealer won't allow it, it's safe to assume he's trying to rip you off. Weighing up and refusing to front might cost you a few deals, but keep in mind that they're 'deals' where you'd likely be shorted or outright have your money taken for nothing. As you get more and better hook ups, missing out on potentially shitty deals is no longer an issue :smoke:

    Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me!
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  16. When I first started buying a guy I just met from school tryed to sell me cut grass with metho mixed in.. He ran after I gave him the money but the dumb ass must have forgotten I went to the same school so he repaid me the next day after asking nicely

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  17. I was jipped the very first time I smoked. It was awful. I skipped school on my birthday like I always used too. I was texting my ex bf at the time pestering him all day about smoking. Come to find out it was his first time smoking too he's just an habitual liar so it didn't surprise me when he told me. Anyway he gets out of school and I meet up with him halfway. I knew something was amiss because he was taking awhile to show. He eventually shows up with Michael. This red neck at school that I called mo hawk guy bc he always had one. So I go along with it. We chat a minute and this kid tells us we gotta give him the money to go meet his middle man. At that point I got sketchy so I said I'll give the middle man the money and he said ight bet. So we walk to the park which is like 2 miles away. So we make the walk to meet the guy at this skate park at the county park. We get there and this dudes name is Allen. You can tell this guy is a stoner. Truly. But how honest is he? So he calls his dude and I was Jesus weren't you supposed to have it and he said no I'm just a middleman. So I'm like wtf. He asked me if I wanted 20 in Loud or 20 of reg. I bought the loud. I give him the 20 and he disappears with this other kid named Logan an when they got back after like 30 minutes I got maybe a .5 of reg. But then I didn't know what loud looked smelled or anything about it

    Stoner at heart
  18. I was off a half g on an oZ, other than that my first dealer has been my best and only dealer.

    But I have taken notes on everyones simple mistakes
  19. It's good your taking notes. Someone's gotta teach this shit

    Stoner at heart
  20. Let's just say 'friends of mine', have got ripped off by this one fat f*ck one to many times and 'they' told him 'they' wanted to pick up a oz and then the fat f*ck was quick to say "no problem I got you meet me *here* at 11pm so 'my friends' printed out fake money ($280 worth of 20s) and 'they' met the fat kid and his friend and did the deal through a fence and thankfully he didn't notice the money was fake and 'they' got to leave with the 8 grams of weed (this guy always always ripped people off BAD too, like he just didn't care if you noticed) and eventually 'my friends' get back home and then eventually get a call from the fat f*ck and he says "yo, this money is fake" then one of 'them' said "well that's too fucking bad" and blocked his number and 'they' ended up smoking all 8 grams that night free of charge.

    (This was DEFIANTLY not me and a friend who got revenge on the fat f*ck with fake money) :Winks:

    -Weed is what keeps humanity at peace
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