times toll!

Discussion in 'General' started by the rainman!, Dec 1, 2001.

  1. i wanted to wish grass city good luck and i have enjoy visting here and trying to help members grow and learn! i hope it has been as real for you as it has been for me! ive seen this sites good and bad ,and i think its on the right track! good luck !tazz11
  2. Tazz, I love ya man, you are good people! Please take good care of yourself and I will see you at Yahooka, and here, too, I hope. Ya gotta roll with the punches sometimes.
  3. i ve been to 13-14 sites and ive said nothing ,i was wrong and i respect my self more than that! weather he was wrong or not! i know better and i should not have read his post or reply to him at all but as lenny would have not been him self i was not last night i came here stoned and shit faced and i wish i had not came here to grass city for that matter to my computer! sorry, i hear my plants growing and calling me back to were i was before yahooka!if one of them dosent like the way i am i pull it out and throw it in the trash! and plant more nicer ones! latter,good luck tazz11
  4. you're not leavin' already, are ya?!
  5. no but i am takeing a time out !latter and take care!tazz11
  6. Tazz, baby!!! Don't you let those frieks get to ya-just ignore their ignorance. And if they do get to ya and give ya the blues come to the 'City', we'll make ya feel better!;)

    OXOXOXO!!!Stonie Jo
  7. only if you can till me what this old and long for gotten code means ,o.f.f.
  8. Why isn't that the club you and Smoknokie head up-the old fried fuckers club? Do I win.......was that the answere......what's my prize?
  9. yes ! and you win smoknokie! lol ,well miss the old fried fucker! but you won!
  10. that was so fucking funny i cant stop lol!
  11. ...I want to thank Grass City for having me.....Tazz for bein' such a sweety.....uuuummmmm, Smoknokie for bein such a cool prize.....my mom for not havin an abortion........uummmm......and God for givin us the herb!!!!
    Thank you...thank you....thank you!!!!!!LOL!!!
  12. Tazz you fuckin' kill me!!! Love ya!!!!
  13. hell yes that was a fixed contest if i every seen one!
  14. if you act quike you can pawn him off on one of the other g.o.d.!
  15. we must be realy stoned were try to sale him,next it ll be to the highist bitter!and there all stoned
  16. Hey I'm a sharing, caring kinda girl.......I'll share my cool prize with my fellow G.O.D.esses;)
  17. Do ya think they'd pay? Hell I was just gonna pass him around!!! Like a joint!!! LMAO!!!!
  18. but how do you look in tar and feathers!lol
  19. Now that wasn't part of the game was it.....tar and feathers?!?! Okay I give......you can keep the cool prize.......I wouldn't feel like a very attractive Stonie Tar and feathered!!!!LOL!!!
  20. we in the o.f.f. well stand up for the other members go ahead and use him like a cheap zig zag!and throw him back with a smile on his face!

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