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Timer problems. Brinks from Walmart

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by Don Piano, Feb 4, 2009.

  1. Anyone have issues with the Brinks timers from walmart? or maybe a similar timer ( i think that he grasslins are like that too) that you push tabs down for time control. You usually get control of 15min intervals, not the kind you set pins on (intermatic type).

    I have a couple, and they work, but occasionally, the tabs pop up and it skips time (most notably when you try to use it for 15min on 15 min off, or anytime you have only 15mins of runtime set for each cycle you are controlling, and have only one tab pushed down. I'll include a pic of the timer. It is not the one I have, but the way you set the time on it and the little pushtabs are identical.

    Well I fixed that issue of the tabs popping up.
    Once you get it set, tie a piece of string around it, or use a rubberband to keep the on and off tabs locked into their up or down position. I hope this makes sense to everyone. anyone having this issue with the tabs popping up, will know exactly what I am talking about. So I hope this helps them. Peace:smoke:

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  2. here is my timer. no way it will change the timing on its own now

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  3. whats that for your humidi?

    I gotta get mine asap... my shit keeps dropping to the mid 20's low 30's at night cause my water try gets empty. I even tried filling it RIGHT before I went to sleep... still empty when I wake up. But it does jack the humidity to the high 30's when its full
  4. You can use it for whatever you want.
    This is for my aero cloner. I am going to do 15 on 15 off if my temps get too high in the res. But not right now, as the temps seem fine.
    But even if someone is using this type of timer and has it set anyway they want, the string tie trick will work. I have a timer set for my light fan, it goes on 15 mins and off 45 mins to help lower night temps in the cab, and it has the string tied around it. That is going to change though, because it is finally warming up outside to well above 0, and my AC won't freeze up. I'd rather use that as it has dehumidification properties to keep night humidity under control.
  5. RFLMAO @ Don Pianos umpteenth avatar.......and a +rep for this cool trick.....Thanks!
  6. thank you. glad you like them and it.
  7. I use the Brinks digital 6 setting outdoor timer... best $27 I've spent yet.... now I know exactly what time everything is on and off, no more down-to-the-minute guess work...

    Before that I used those intermatic timers and I had problems with the pins missing the catch and the timer wouldn't turn stuff on... never again.
  8. Like you Herb, I have had problems but it is the other way around. I have had problems with the digital timers in the past. I personally like the manual timers over the digitals.

    To each his own. I think I just made the manual brinks, grasslin, sunleaves sundial, and many other timers safe for digi people to use now. 15on 15 off was also not achievable with the digi timers.

    I did like the accuracy of digi units, but just more to it that could go wrong, and I feel that manual timers are simple enough that it makes it harder for them to fail.
  9. I bought the exact mechanical Brinks timer from walmart. Didnt even work. a POS.
  10. I have gotten bad ones. Fo not write them off yet, they are just as reliable as the $29 grasslins. I have 3 of them in use right now. I like the 15 min intervals for intermittent equipment. As with anything mechaNICAL, you can buy bad units.

  11. I am a member here on this site and I too just bought a Brinks timer from Wally World. Why am I here? Because my Fkucin timer only came with Spanish instructions and when I did a Google search for Brinks timers instuctions, Guess what came up? This post.
    Ol Wally World will be getting a piece of my mind in the morning!:mad:
  12. too funny.
    What do ya need to know about it? They are pretty simple
  13. I had the same thing happen...the mechs in Walmart didn't even TRY to work.... The $14 digi did, but then I still had to get a better one (15A 125v) from Home Depot. It has 2 outlets....Not to hijack, but does anyone know if this or any other timer has a contactor in it? I read that for a HPS ballast you need a contactor. (I have a 400w SunSystem)

    GE Model 15079
  14. I have a Brinks 6 station 120V 20amp analog timer from wally world and I've never had a problem with it. I also have a bunch of dual-station 15amp GE digis from Home Depot that are awesome down-to-the-minute timers. $19.99 for the analog with built in 20A fuse and $16.99 for the digitals. WalMart will take ANYTHING back (even soiled underwear... it's walmart!). Take those crummy timers back!
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  16. I am all good now,as I went back and found another. Seems the English translation was not printed on the back of my directions and found another with the printing.
    Mine was the digital model.
  17. i bought the brinks electronic timer with 16 on/off settings recently for the pump on my aquaponics system and no matter how many times i set it to turn on/off, it runs once or twice and then resets itself entirely!
    its fucking irritating and pissing me the fuck off
    do timers have to be plugged directly into the wall or do they work in a surge protector?
    im going to try moving it directly into the wall tomorrow evening i think and see if that fixes it...
  18. I bought the same timer from Walmart and it works perfectly fine.
  19. i am thinking it is slight fluctuations in power causing the reset, anyone know of a way to prevent fluctuations without redoing the electrical work?

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