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  1. Hello everyone ,

    I f***dup with my timer ,all started 4 weeks ago when i changed my timer to 12/12 ,but light was set to go off only on monday not everyday.They are both female so i knew the sex ,but there was no hairs ,only on one plant i got two,little hairs started to grow 2 weeks ago ,but nothing more then that.So today i checked if the lights turn off or not i was looking for reasons and i was right light was still on when it should be off.Plants looks really healthy very ready to start growing buds ,but I'm afraid this lighting cycle damaged them somehow ?
  2. Some pics

    Pre Bubba 98 bx2 & G13 BlueberryGum both female
    Will upload more during grow if you guys are interested.

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  3. So they were on 24 hour light? Is that right? They should be fine, you're just going to have to restart the flowering process.
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    What do you mean by "restart the flowering" ?

    When i switched the lights i also started to add by every watering more bloom nuts ,veg and bloom nuts this combination doesn't sound good ,but now I'm afraid i won't be able to control height of plants don't have much room in my closet what should i do you think they will still triple the size ?
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    From what I understand it seems as though they were on 12 hours off 12 hours then 24 hours no breaks for the rest of the week? You should be able to flower anytime without issues. There was not nearly enough dark time to build up enough hormones to trigger the switch from veg to flower, so they are still vegging. It's a process of building up hormones during the off hours until you reach the threshold to burst into flowering growth, and it takes longer than a day so you should be fine.

    Just make sure the lights are on 12/12 every day!:D

    EDIT: Oh by the way I've recently been growing Blueberry Gum from G13 Labs as well. It's a definite keeper! Extremely dense buds, fast growth and the smell is absolutely amazing. Mines been curing for about 3 weeks, I have more growing though it's a great great strain.
  6. ^^^Once again, what morange said.

    And cut off the veg nutes. There's probably plenty of N in the soil now, which you will want to have used up by the time you chop. You may want to try tying them down to give yourself extra space to flower. Low Stress Training, a fancy term for tying the branches down with string. Super useful technique.
  7. morange: you are right sir ,BlueberryGum seems to be very strong plant.It respond on bloom nutritions 2 weeks after i started adding nuts even if plant was under 24h light if i compare Pre98bx2 no sign of any hairs.LST probably isn't a choice anymore ? Im scared they will grow twice the size from now on.I don't have much space anymore.

    Hairs on BG are two weeks old didn't changed much ,but i think this week will be extreme bloom for him.

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  8. LST is still an option, just be gradual and you can certainly make some room. Definitely time to flower though.
  9. Very good idea I was just looking video on how to ,should i cut off some of those big leaves ?
  10. 21 days later

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  11. looking good
  12. Looks to be right on schedule :D. Getting that early trich coverage too, keep up the good work man.
  13. Day 35

    I noticed burned tips on some leaves mostly on highest buds.Is this normal because of age or to much nutritions ? Today I started adding molasses.

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