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  1. Well this isn't really a question i just needed to vent my frustrations

    This morning i was doing a bit of grooming and maintenance when i realized my timer had broken and my plants ( 2 week into flower ) had recieved one full night of light from my 125 watt cfl.. luckily it was just one night but I'm super anxious about my plants going hermie and I'm laying here in bed angry with myself for picking up a cheap timer.

    So I made this thread to get it of my chest.
    this is my first indoor grow and things were goinf so smoothly something like this was bound to happen hehe. wish me luck
  2. DUDE this happened to me last night too. i mean im still in veg and i had more darkness than light fortunately. but shit sucks i was flamin. i can only hope its back on track for tonight. what kinda timer do you have?
  3. Well I had this one from the grow shop but it was made so normal plugs won't fit and i had to run to the home depot where all they had were these crappy 2 for 10$ no name ones. needless to say i wanted to get things running and decided to pick them up and they were performing quite well.. until yester day i think the timer-on/off button broke. the other one was put on some ventilation so in case it breaka it won't ruin things..

    sorry to hear about timer acting up too i think the cheaper onces can't stand the prolonged heat they seen to generate.

    anyway i hope both our grows will be fine good luck bro
  4. At least yours didn't happen like it was dark for a while, then suddenly light showed up then went to dark. That's what fucks em I think, could be wrong. If anything they would start the vegging process again. Not sure tho
  5. I'm a newbie 4 months into my first grow of AK48. I have had several fuck ups over these 4 rocky months including; overheating during flowering, (temps up to 110F for 2 hours!) over watering, under watering, light schedule fuck ups. Just name it and I've done it. I've spent several nights shitting my pants about my babies going hermie, but so far so good. IMHO if you have a genetically stable strain it is not as easy as they say to turn it hermie. I have read this elsewhere during my studies also. Apparently the more exotic boutique strains tend to have more easily expressed hermie traits. Again, this is only what I have read here and there on the net.

    Don't sweat it man. My bet is they'll be fine.

    Oh, one more thing; if I were you I would make/buy a contactor for your lights. I'm sure you will add more later, and this will ensure that you never have a light fuck up again.

    Best of luck with it.
  6. I had a two week old Titan timer that died three days ago.
    I feel your pain.
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    Sorry to hear that man. Well I'm trying to keep my hopes up being my first indoor grow I considered it a test run anyway but I hope things turn out good anyway..
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    Thanks for the advice Ill look into it

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