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  1. Is time something that can be manipulated ,or is it something that's untouchable? Cuz I know in planet of the apes it showed how it could flow differently in different galaxies or something like that ,and him getting caught in a storm caused him to go to a future time because the universe storm sent him back to where earth is but time flew different where he was
  2. it's uncontrollable.

    the universe uses time physically to keep things in motion.

    however, you can manipulate a portion of it through astral projection. you can go back in time and visit places you've never been before, however, you need years of practice, i believe.

    this is all i know of time manipulation...

    movies are ideas.

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  3. All I know is the few seconds it took to read your post now seem wasted.
  4. I didn't ask u to read it Mr.TimeSplasher
  5. Cuz I know in planet of the apes = humor or time wastage.

    Chose or Stop manipulating me! :D
  6. Cuz I know in planet of the apes = humor or time wastage.

    Choose or Stop manipulating me! :D
  7. Idk dude I just watched bill and ted last night... "that conversation made much more sense this time"
  8. this thread isn't about time anymore.

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  9. Oh u mean the movie where the time travel?
  10. [​IMG]

    totally dude
  11. Bein a stoner in the 90s wus prolly awesome
  12. I wish I could go back in time and unread this quaint piece of fantasy that has somehow found its way onto the Science and Nature forum.
  13. Lol I suppose if you was able to travel faster than the speed of light you could technically travel back in time. But I cannot see that ever happening :p
  14. Maybe time is gravity. The closer to absolutely no gravity the less time affects you. I mean, people who spend a lot of time in space will age slower than us non-Astros, right? There's still the sun's gravity though. That's why astronauts still are affected.

    I dunno. I just got another job so I've been getting way higher than usual and this makes sense to me right now.
  15. Time is something humans created.
  16. I don't agree with this. We discovered and started quantifying it with seconds, hours, days, years, etc. But time was way before humankind.

  17. Who measured it and who started it then lol? Times created by conscience beings.

    An even more interesting questions is if time is a straight line or not.
  18. So you believe that the Earth or the universe would not exist if there was not a conscious being to observe and label it?
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    'time' as in measuring moments was created by man, sure... days weeks calanders and clocks...

    but the act of living (through those measured moments) has always been. You are born, you grow, and you grow, and eventually you will die. time actually created man I believe.

    yes, is time linear? that is the question. We observe it from a linear perspective, like I just said, a timeline. Born ----------------- Die

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