Time Will Take Everything Away From You

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    The world is only as free as your mind is.

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  3. i'll have to agree and disagree
    society limits us. universal principles limit us. time is a limit in itself
    we have free will but we are bound by some things
  4. With the developing times come the developing relationships, and one only grows as much as the love and openness that is present with us all. Life is so big that you have to size up your own life to get a real taste of all the amazing beauty there is out there in the world. and it's sad we've all lost the inspiration to see and recognize the sentimentality that lies in every moment. There's enough fascinating phnomena out there for us to uncover for hundreds of generations.
    The older i get, the more breathless i become. our bodies are trying their best to continue so all the connections that have been made can bloom to full fruition. 
    Art lies not in what you see but how you perceive. The mind only sees itself when it dissolves,, things only feel good dissolved. The way you feel and think is the greatest art there is. And yet sometimes beyond your own head is the best place to dwell. There is always an entire key of potential you may be missing without knowing, 
  5. Ownership is an illusion. Your body is a temporary vessel, containing a soul ready to escape at any moment. Recognize opportunity and let every forceful breath matter. Time does not exist, but for a while you will. Nothing really matters, so find your own purpose before ashes and dust remain and we return to the sands and wind.
  6. I agree, but for slightly different reasons than you stated. 
    Owner and owned are one and the same, imo. You didn't come into this universe, you are this universe, examining and experiencing itself. 
  7. <sup>I take all the time I need.</sup>

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