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  1. If you think about it, time travel is the most convincing conspiracy out there.. Why? Because if the human race were to EVER achieve this, then we already have people from the future visiting our time right now... Feel absolutely free to debate and discuss this very, very interesting subject.
  2. Go google the scientist in the middle east that already invented it. Also, the us military has had it for years. Google it you'll see lol

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  3. Come wit meh if yew vant to live!

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  4. Stephen Hawkings threw a party that no one attended. This was because he sent out the invitations a day after the party, and the fact that no one showed up means that time travel was never accomplished
  5. Just he, himself, and him all by thenselves.

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  6. Or it's just that nobody likes Stephan Hawkings.
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    There is a theory that time-travel wouldn't work like that. We would only be able to travel back up until the point we had actually built the teleporter. So if we built it in year 3000 we couldn't go back to the year 2999. Which sorta makes sense but of course that's just a theory... 
  8. I thought the same, if time travel was happening, we'd be getting visits. Unless the elitists have exploited it for their own use like the movie Looper and used rarely and carefully.
  9. This is a photo of what's believed to be a time traveler it was taken in 1948, many people have gone over this photo and found no evidence of editing ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1415862651.766084.jpg

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