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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by hydrator, Sep 27, 2002.

  1. hi everyone, this is my first time growing indoors and im hoping someone can answer a question regarding training my plants to grow out as i have limited height in my room.any info would be great but mainly on what age and height should i start tying them down they are now twelve days old and are aprox 19cm heigh.
  2. How many leaf sets does it have? check out the scrog grow info on overgrow.com and around here, or you could top your plant to encourage bushy growth, but its up to you, tying down sounds good, and id say wait till it would be a bit more difficult to snap the stem by mistake trying to tie it down, I tied mine down at about 12 inches (around 30 cm), before the base became too rigid... and it worked fine. I think you could start at anytime seeing as your plants already pretty established.

    Ave atque vale.
  3. my best one has 5 leaf sets with plenty more new growth on the way, im considering two options on keeping them at the desired height one being tying down individual stem with twist ties and string, the other being some plastic mesh bought from garden shop to suspend over plants and train them to grow outwards under mesh and letting buds grw up through mesh
  4. i just tie my plants from about 12" onwards always remember to encourage side growth tie stems lower than the shoots you want to grow.

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