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Time to stop the MaryJane

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Pownage420, Aug 6, 2012.

  1. I recently found out my 2nd cousin developed schizophrenia and latley my highs have been really paraniod and depressing.
    So its time to quit. I've already found people to buy all my bongs and pipes
  2. Don't do it bro!! U will miss all of it just put it somewhere don't sell it
  3. good for you im goin to get high now
  4. Respect for knowing you need to stop.
  5. Ask the granny storm crow about this as I dont really know what Im talking about....BUT I believe it actually helps those like your 2nd cousin...and there is no real study that weed causes skitzo.
  6. Good for you. We don't need people who thinks mj causes schiz.
  7. uhh well... have fun i guess?
  8. not quite sure why this was necessary, but cool
  9. Marijuana can treat schizophrenia
  10. MJ can bring out in schizo in people who ONLY already have it but has been dormant.

    Either way, another one bites the dust.
  11. A stoner friend of mine was diagnosed with schizo, but he still smokes regularly and says it doesn't affect his schizo at all and he started smoking years before he started showing signs of schizophrenia.

    So you're okay, bro. If you get schizophrenia, it's because you already had it, not because you smoked a bit too much weed.

    But GL with quitting. More weed for us!!
  12. Cannabis doesnt cause schizophrenia. Your cousin already had schizophrenia and him smoking weed amplified it. But respect
  13. Fedex me all your paraphernalia and excess bud.
  14. u guys are all fucking morons. he never said weed caused his cousins sickness. he said once his cuz got diagnosed, the news of it made him sad and depressed.

    you're all good bro. take a brake and get ur thoughts right. good luck with everything.
  15. His right, none of you understood.
  16. I never said my 2nd cousin developed it from mary-jane.. infact he only used Herion. Im taking a break to get myself sorted because its made me upset, then setting my highs up to be depressing..
  17. Take a break from it. But why are you selling your bongs?
  18. Take a break from it, do whatever you feel is right for you.

    I wish and your cousin all the best.

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