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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Shifte83, Nov 20, 2017.

  1. Hi all.

    I figured after the success of last grow in hydro I'm going to stick to what I know (dwc) I have this coming in a few days and I thought o had more seeds than I do :( so I will be growing 6 ICE WIDOW anyone know this strain and yeild? Also what do you think of these pots...
    Platinium Hydro Star 4 Kit complete


  2. that pot system seems VERY expensive for what it is.....
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  3. Hmm maybe I should stop being so lazy and make my own system for 5x less the price ?
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  4. Yikes, on the price...but then I have been called the Montgomery Burns of growing.
    Also shouldn't your research on the seeds been done before the purchase...just saying. Over and above that it look like a cool unit. Good Luck on grow dos!!

  5. it just seems very basic for the money. my local hydro shop has a 6 pot system with good tank and pump for £300 with a 3 year warranty , which looks alot better quality then you just shown mate.
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  6. also in that system you cant spread your plants out?
  7. Okay cheers man does seem exy as hell I think I can cancel my order and I'll keep looking
  8. I've built about two systems and am modding my 1st system to accomodate 2 buckets.

    Say four 5 gallon buckets at 15 a price (60), hull fittings 2x per bucket 10x 10 (160) tubing N T's/ elbows $30 (290) pump $40 ($330) air stones $8/eaX 10 ($410) air pump 40 ($450) an a good tote for a reservoir $19 after some misclanious stuff say $480-$490 for the diy route.

    That's 4 five gallon buckets with a 36 gallon tote( plants grown right can take 1-2½ gallon of water a day).
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