Time to legalize

Discussion in 'General' started by Per Sun, Mar 24, 2012.

  1. Everybody should check this out, we as a community who loves and values cannabis want to make it legal, and here is a great way to get a good word about the plant out there.

    Time to finally legalize trees

    The idea is to make a video similar to the format of Kony 2012, where we get a good driving force behind how useful this plant is. If the video were to go viral hopefully it would have similar to success to that of Kony.

    Stay up:smoke:
  2. How did I see trees...

    And fucking think reddit..

  3. Sure, as long as the video maker doesn't wack off in public

  4. haha, seriously. Great way to kill your movement.
  5. What, exactly...Did the Kony video accomplish?:cool:
  6. A bunch of kids thought they were activists, it did get attention though, which could help, especially if our video is actually true
  7. But even with millions of people watching the video...Kony is still on the loose doin' whatever the hell he was doin' before.

    Our voices are drowned out by dollar signs, essentially. Which means that even if this idea were to hit off, it wouldn't change anything...We really just have to wait until the older generations die off or are no longer suitable for voting purposes.:cool:
  8. I meant similar like Kony as in making a video similar in editing and production, so it is easy to watch and very convincing.
  9. Since the Kony 2012 shit tried 2 hijack 4/20 I think we as stoner's should put up poster's, / do chalk art along the lines of Legalize it, and Marijuana Heal's, shit like that lol... I don't want to wake up too 4/21 and see Kony 2012 shit all over... Atleast if there was marijuana slogan's up too it would detract from the KonyBS

    and if you see any Konie's up draw a J in front of his mouth haha
  10. Decriminalization is more practical then legalization.
  11. well where the hell is the video

  12. It created an unprecedented amount of Western publicity and attention, all through one well-edited and emotive video.

    Yeah man, if that could be achieved through a pro-weed vid, it could be the tipping point.

    Shotgun not editing it though
  13. In the making!
  14. oh i get it. yeah i started a thread on the subreddit thing idk what its called ive never used reddit before
  15. [quote name='"deadkndys"']Decriminalization is more practical then legalization.[/quote]

    That doesn't solve much what about if a good job drug tests? It's legal to have on you but illegal to sell or grow.. Yep that will solve everything..

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