Time to feed Flores to Auto WD?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by MotoBlunt, May 10, 2011.

  1. Hi folks, go easy on me... :eek:

    Got Buddha Auto White Dwarves 21 days from germ, lookin healthy (if a little short).

    Anywhoo, they been feeding from soil first two weeks, and have been on Veg food for the last week now, with no burn.

    I've got small pistils showing up around the 3rd leaf set, and the area has a definite aroma to it... :cool: Is it time to switch to Flores food?

    Also, I use autopots, so my reservoir is filled with Veg food / water mix. Do I need to clean out the tank (major pain in the ass due to access) or can I just start adding Flores to the tank top-ups? (Usually 1/2 gallon every few days)

    Thanks, sorry to be a pain in the tits

  2. What are auto pots :confused:
    You say you have soil,
    Then you say you have a rez you can top off
    Have a picture?
  3. Autopot is a smart watering system and is fed from a reservoir. Can I add flores to the get nut
    e mix?
  4. Ahh I think I get it
    So how much soil is in each pot? or rather what are the pot sizes
    What soil are you using?

    And yes it is time or almost time to begin feeding at 3 weeks + a little food shouldn't hurt
    How are the older leaves looking like?
    Any yellowing? Dying?
  5. No, the leaves are greener than green, but I was told today it can take couple of weeks for nute burn to show? (if so, I don't know if I killed them) Anyway, I totally fucked up the veg food. Thought I had a 36 litre tank, and mixed accordingly, but it's only 11 litres so they had a week of veg food which was 3 times too strong... :(

    Anywho, I cleaned out the tank today and filled with fresh water and flower food, (at the correct ratios...!)

    Pots are 15 Litres (7 gallon) 2/3 full with all-mix.

    Thanks for the help buddy
  6. Mix in 10 litre quantities, keeps the maths simple and helps monitor usage. If you run an airator in tank it keeps nutes in suspension leaving very little residue. Does pay to rinse and flush when changing growth phase. and 2-3 weeks from end flush 8 litres through each pot allow to drain and then run fresh water in res till sun leaves yellow out. produces very potent nitrate free results, youll never touch underground comercial stuff again

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