time for super phones

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  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DtCoZg852-o&feature=youtube_gdata_player
  3. Eventually Cell Phones are going to be replaced in a few years
  4. The only difference is... the mobile game market is a complete shit hole.. dominated by companies even worse at money suckling its consumers than EA.  They may have the hardware that can put out decent graphics but it will never have games, let alone game engines that rival that of consoles.  Sorry, but hardly anyone wants to play games on their phone, and even less want to develop games for people that dont want to play them on their phones.
  5. Dude.. the modern smart phone is a massive cash cow to Samsung, Apple, and a couple other big companies Nokia.. HTC.. Droid etc.. etc..
    But they already have phones with huge PPI, camera MegaPixels, faster hard drives, battery life etc..
    But they're trickling it out one micro-feature at a time. Shit they really could've had an iPhone 6 when they made the iPhone 4!
    Innovation has a huge dent in it. If I ran these companies, fuck money, tech to the people!
    They make so much putting out one device at a time with a fraction of improvement, when really if they weren't greedy they could give huge margins of improvement from one phone to the next.
    My 4 cents
    Agreed. Nintendo would have a lock on the market if they would pull their head out of their ass. They dominate handhelds. I'm sure they could partner with some phone company and make amazing products with games that aren't full of micro-transactions and ads.
  7. PSVita????
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    I have one. Got it on Black Friday. It's pretty meh. There aren't many games, and they all have to be installed on a ridiculously overpriced memory card. I'm considering selling it. Sony has pretty much abandoned it as a platform. It's pretty much only useful for pron and remote play.
  9. I too recognize that the people who create these devices are sandy little butt holes and only care about money.
    I just blew $660 on an iPhone 5, and I only think it's 'ok'.
    Cell phones will always be held back because that way the companies can make more money when they release the 'next gen'. It's a horrible circle that leaves us as the victims.
    Hell, I just want a damn landline and I'll be set.
  10. If companies had an extremely new and powerful phone that can do everything plus two of current smartphones, they would sell it immedialty. But then what? All the companies would stop selling because they already have a phone out with every thing in it. They just add small things that look big. Especially apple. I personally hate apple phones just because they are yesterdays product trying to live in the world of tomorrow. They don't really make huge changes at all. Especially with the 4 to 4s. The resolution isn't even at 1080p yet even with the 5s which couldve been a lot better phone. But apple knows how to make money and it's obviously working. Just like any other company, they'll know you'll buy it even if it's not good. There will be a time when a perfect phone comes out:
    Not too bog but not too small screen at 1080p
    Amazing battery life
    Good features
    That's my 4 cents

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  11. Im just inpressed with how much power these phones an tablets will have once the k1 an the new snapdragon are released .

    An there are more chips to come yet you have apple/samsung .samsung occta is not so impressive i love the snapdragon 800 now that is a real power house .
  12. See, the thing is that the consoles are out now and for the most part the market has dictated to these companies that if they try and fuck us, most people won't buy their product, microsoft TRIED with the Xone however the consumer backlash was massive.
    Now, the phone industry, these guys got on lock, all of these companies are on the same page for the most part because they realize that if they start going ahead of eachother then they cant release these bullshit series phones like iphone 1-2-3-4 and now 5, i mean really the shit they put into these phones is very controlled, they want to make you wait and find a way to make you pay as much as possible for said technology.
    Now these mobile games have been impacted by this, now you have games that are called "Fremium" which basically means they offer these games for free, however they keep most of the content to make the game enjoyable behind a massive pay wall, in some instances they want you to pay $100 for in game content to make your experience better, maybe they include long build times in said game and "OH, WELL IF YOU SPEND 50 BUCKS YOU CAN HAVE 500 GEMS AND IT TAKES 10 GEMS TO BUILD THIS BUILDING FASTER!!!" You can see that if you continue spending money here you COULD spend upwards of fuck, 300 bucks for the entirety of the game when an actual console game is $60 bucks with most of the content provided.
    The reason its like this is because people buy into these bullshit technology trends, 60% of Canadians own a fucking iphone, the biggest piece of garbage on the market, this thing breaks on a whim and everything about it is just shit and yet its so desired because people wanna be apart of the "trend"
    Looks like there could possibly be Nintendo mobile games in the future
  14. I still wish the ps4 ran android .
  15. Exactly the problem. It would matter if you had a handheld that could out due a PC. Android marketplace is a big dick fest.

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