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Time For 'dutch Experience' In City

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by weedboss, Apr 28, 2003.

    By Elizabeth Clarke

    I AGREE with Alun Buffry of the Legalise Cannabis Alliance, Norwich, when he says that the legalisation of cannabis "is an important issue that ought not be put too far aside despite the seriousness of current affairs" ( Evening News, April 15 ).

    It is indeed an important issue because it concerns people of all ages from all classes and lifestyles who enjoy the many benefits of this natural healing herb or plant.

    Under present law all these people are criminals and this seems wrong.

    Many people would rather smoke cannabis with its peaceful and relaxing effect than consume addictive alcohol. Are they criminals because they prefer to relax with a couple of "joints" rather than a couple of double whiskies?

    I know professional people of all ages who work hard in responsible jobs to build careers, support their families, pay the mortgage etc, who simply prefer the relaxing effects of cannabis.

    And for some it can induce a greater sense of peace and well being. Shouldn't they be allowed the choice?

    And yes, although in most cases people like to use cannabis at home while getting on with their busy lives, it should be possible, in a mature society, for people of like minds, often very creative people of all ages, to meet and socialise. One has only to visit Dutch towns and cities to experience the unique atmosphere of "coffee shops" where no alcohol is served.

    Great chocolate cake is.

    I have always felt that Norwich, with all its charm and beauty, would gain from having an area of the city where Dutch style "coffee shops" could legally open an area attractive enough to visit and socialise with friends, visitors, tourists.

    I hope other Norwich residents will follow my lead and write and express their views in these columns.

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