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Time for drying/curing?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Capnfalconpunch, Jan 16, 2014.

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    I talked to my grower the other day who said he was flowering, but it would be ready by the end of January (this month). I asked today if it would be dried by February and he replied "shortly there n to it" so I guess that means it's drying. How long does this usually take?
  2. Drying itself 3-7 days usually depending on method. Curing is done primarily in glass jars and to get a decent cure you're looking at around 2 week min and sky's the limit on max time, generally curing time is 3-8 weeks. The bud is smoke able after the 3-7 days of drying but may be harsh, the cure is where the taste and most of the smell comes out.
  3. Slow n sure.Cut the plant at the base, hang upside down in dark closet with indirect airflow.12 to 14 days for a good dry. This way breaks down the most chlorophyll IMO.Then you're ready for a nice month long cure. Twice daily burps and bud rotations for a week. Once daily burps/rotations for a two weeks. Then a week in the jars solid. Don't open em.Then bust them hoes open after that last week and revel in the terpenoid goodness. Then make some edibles and smoke a huge spliff when you feel them coming on.sent from underneath my balls
    Sounds lovely as fuck just thinking about it
    #weedporn (btw, that's a hell of a long dry/cure lol, you're thorough as fuck)

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