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time for a new piece?!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by calebb, Mar 12, 2012.

  1. so i'm thinking about gettin a new piece today from a local headshop. i want anything but a bowl or a huge bong. i need something that is sort of small but get's me blazed:smoke:
    any ideas?
  2. A bubbler.

    get a double chamber one (for the water) if you really want that amazing high.

    edit: My friend bought a very nice one for 45 dollars in inland empire. it has a double chamber filtration thing. its sick.
  3. You could get a chillum or a small bong.. i have a small bong i got for 40$ its glass on glass and is really thick.

    Just look around at the shop for what you want, only you know

  4. its strange that the op said he doesnt want to buy a bowl because you kind of need a bowl for any type of typical bong.

    Either way, a bubbler doesnt need a bowl or stem or whatever. Its all glass. the shit part though is cleaning it up.

    I dont think i've met anyone who hasnt bitched about cleaning up their bubblers (mini water pipes)
  5. damn, one of those bubblers sound hella good i was looking to spend more like $20-30 even though that isn't a lot of money i was gonna look around to see what i could get
  6. Get a small glass bong, I feel like they're more "exciting" than bubblers, while serving the same general purpose.
  7. get a proto pipe, one just arrived here today. might not find one local but worth a try. nicest pipe i've ever seen.
  8. i'm thinking either a mini bong or a bubbler. what do you guys think would be more worth it and get me 'higher'

  9. Bongbongbongbongbong :smoke:
  10. This is what I would do if I were you:

    If I am worried about hiding it from people, (eg. Parents, RAs, bitches) then i'd go with the bubbler for less than $50 dollars. its always nice to have something to smoke with and its easily concealable. Water pipes/bongs are more difficult to conceal.

    I wouldnt spend less than 60 on a bong though because its probably doesnt have all the features im looking for. (eg. Flask, ice catcher, ash catcher) that usually costs 180 dollars for that kind of bong.

    Since you posted earlier about a price range of less than 50 dollars, dont expect a tricked out bong or anything. But you can expect a nice bubbler for less than 50.


    GET bubbler and save your money for a more expensive and worthwhile bong.
  11. It depends on what you like, in all seriousness, i would save up and choose a good vaporizer over any high end glass, because you will get higher, and you will keep yourself from getting smokers' lungs. But seen as you're on a budget, a small bubbler.
  12. Decided I to get a bubbler. Very happy :D

  13. First mistake is going to a headshop that is filled with mass produced made in china glass that has paint on it.
    Go and support your local American glassblowers by shopping at
    Don't know if advertising is against rules or not and pretty high to check right now but I am happy to edit this post.


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