Time For A New Bong Help?

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  1. I am about to drop some money on a new bong and just wanted some input. I apologize if this isn't the right spot for this I am not a forum guy but it's a big purchase. I have it narrowed down to two in my LHS. One is liquid sci glass the second is and inline AMG. Let me know what you guys would look for and think of the maker.
  2. If someone tells me how to post pics I will. Sorry once again, not a forum guy! Thanks
  3. Liquid sci

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  4. Just post links from website
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    To post pics you need to host them somewhere.  I use imgur just cause it's freakin easy, you can even resize or just choose large thumbnail link.
    Once you have your pictures online (imgur, photobucket, etc), you just post as normal and click the icon that looks like a picture with a green plus sign (it's 2 icons to the left of the twitter icon) , scrolling your mouse over it should tell you that it's for images.  Click on that icon and  a window comes up, cut and paste the url from where you have your pictures online and voila, it should appear.  Make sure that your images are publically viewable or else I don't think it works.  (not sure about this last bit though)

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