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Discussion in 'General' started by Durchii, May 15, 2006.

  1. Well guys, my credit has been looking superior this past few years.. So I think its about time to take out a loan for a used car ^-^ I was looking at a few places. Autotrader.com has shown me some deals on used Celicas for under 10. there are a few for over 10 that I ahave my eye on as well because the trans is automatic, and I never got around to learning stick.

    Heres a few that im looking at.

    This one is very close to where I live, so I might just spare my mom a long drive to take me to get it.

    Now, this one is farther, but the price is cheaper. Only about a 50 mile drive on the expressway, quick trip.

    Tell me what you guys think. The engine will need work, and I am going to go stircrazy with add-ons. I already have a K&W intake system in my garage im going to hook up to it that my Uncle found in his garage.
    It'll get me from point A to point B and I hear very good things about Toyotas. ^-^

    Oh and here you go

    My DREAM Ride. Theres no way I'll be able to make more than 3 payments on this beauty. ^-^
  2. When you have 10k to spend... you can do a lot better than a used celica. I mean... unless you really have your heart set on a celica.

    Personally I'd say you should take advantage of some german engineering. For 10k you could get a nice BMW or Mercedes... Audi if you like. BMW and Mercedes are usually better though. Mercedes last foreeever... I'm putting in an offer on a Mercedes tomorrow after-noon.

    If you want a "sports car" then I would recommend a used BMW M3... a Mercedes 190E has some good power too though, especially the 2.6L 16V cosworth'... they were originally built as rally cars.

    I'm personally getting a 300E... perfect combination of luxury and power. It's a full sized sedan, but it still easily does 0-60 in under 8 seconds.
  3. I'll need someone to drive me to the dealership, so I can pick up my car. Then my mom drives home in her car and I drive home in mine.

    Emrandel, I am looking into BMWs right now, thanks for the information.
  4. You don't have ONE buddy who can drive ya?
  5. I do... but whats wrong with my mom? heh. She wanted to see it anyway.
  6. I like the silver one.
  7. Yeah I agree.. looks nice, but why buy a sports car if you're looking for automatic? Kind of ruins the purpous
  8. Well now that I think of it, a manual would be nice. There are some great 6 speeds on there. But it would take just a bit of getting used to. Ive driven stick only a few times.
  9. If I were to get a manual, I would go for the Miata used, as a first. My bank has been telling me that theyll give me excellent payment plans if its in the 10 area. *Like, say around 200 a month, or I can go higher, if I want it paid of quicker, which i do* Ive been looking at used Miatas and seen some decent manuals for about 10.

    Then again, if I decide to go manual, there are very cheap Celicas. I guess automatics are selling for more? I dont know.

    Check this out.
  10. for 10 grand you can get a LT1 or and Early LS1 Camaro with a 6 speed, that would be my choice anyways. but id say get the miata(and a 5/6 speed), i dont really like celicas
  11. You're almost right on the dream car...make it a red 71 with black racing stripes and that's a dream car.

    Oh yea MHO...celicas suck, get a WRX or SE-R
  12. My roomate has a miata and its a shitload of fun to drive around in, must be even more fun to drive it. I think it has to do with the seats being so low.
  13. Oh, shit yea man. I test drove the fully loaded 05 MX5 a ways back and it was awesome. I got used to the stick after a few tries and then I just cruised down the highway.

    Maybe I was thinking of a Celica as well, because my Uncle had one, and I drove it frquently, and it gave me just as smooth a ride.

    Ive never taken either one out for a test run on the track, that's when you really get to see performance :cool:

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