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Timberline organic compost

Discussion in 'Organic Growing' started by BeZtoken, Dec 3, 2011.

  1. Anyone heard of or used this product it was one of the first that showed from a Google search, they are on the east coast I'm looking for a descent bag of compost for my next mix since I can't really make my own rt now. This one is sold at Home Depot I guess. The price is very reasonable I'd say for a bag of compost anyway, $1.82 for 40lbs.

    I visited the Timberline website and it looks ok I guess, maybe? It's basically composted cow manure with a few other amendments, cottonseed meal is one I remember.

    Help and/or advice?

    Thanks, BeZ...V
  2. BeZ, I don't know hat part of the East Coast you live in, but if you're in the NE, you should really look into the Coast of Maine Organic Products. These folks make some top of the line soils/composts that are proven for the type of gardening we do.

    Our friend Jerry is using their stuff and by the looks of his journal you probably couldn't find anything better.


  3. Craig's list? Nursery? I've actually good had luck one year with big box store manure, in an outdoor grow. As you know this is one area that's pretty important, whatever you get, try to buy quality......MIW
  4. Thanks guys. Daddyo there's only one store in the state that I can find that carries the Coast of Maine line and its to far away, I looked it up before I asked this question about the Timberline.

    I'm just having a hard time with trust I guess I don't want another bag of sand like I got awhile back with the Wiggle Worm castings. I don't mind spending a few dollars, and I mean few, on supplies but I don't wanna get screwed buying garbage. I can't see it being any cheaper then the Timberline. But is this a company that's actually charging a far price for "Shit". I've found several cow manure compost blends, Timberline is the cheapest and generally I believe you get what you pay for so its hard for me to believe that $2 is gonna get me 40lbs of a good quality compost, and again I don't want sand. Is there anyway if telling other than using it ,without sending it to a lab or buying a microscope, which I want very bad for teas but can't afford, a good one anyway.
    MIW I didn't even think of Craigslist ill check it out thanks. The local nurseries that I've contacted don't have there own compost, and I can't for the life if me figure out why not? It's basically free to make and I'm sure they get plenty of materials.

  5. Find out if the shop has a return policy and explain if it doesn't meet your standards, you will want to return it. Alternatively, see if they will bust open a bag for you so you can see what it is like before you buy.

    You should be able to tell from looks, smell and texture if it is any good.
  6. Good idea WeeDroid. And since its at a big box store, outside in the garden area, I can probably crack one open without any problems.

    The "shops" around don't carry anything other than the promix compost which is my other option at something like 20-25$ for a regular size bag. I think the promix is descent, I know someone who uses it anyway and he likes it. Imho it seems as more of a potting mix tho than a soil additive.

    Promix compost anyone?

  7. Pro mix is Canadian peat with a few amendments. Peat forms the basis for a lot of our soil mixes, so it's a good thing. You can also get premier peat at home depot it is pro mix without additives, so you need s little lime or liming agents, out of the box it is around ph 5. But premier mix is around 1/3 of the price of pro mix, and dolomite lime is $11 for 50lb. Another peat arond me is lambert Canadian peat, just like premier mix, only it comes in a 3.8 cf bale like pro mix, and cost $10 per bale.....MIW
  8. I definitely plan on using a peat base this next round, and I was thinking the premier pro mix bx HP as my base just because its easier for me at this point.One of the bx blends anyway.

    After going back the pro mix compost I was referring IS a potting mix I guess, its just peat with a sea base compost and perlite.
    On the bag I seen at the shop it said COMPOST in bigger letters tho confused me lol. It's suppose to be organic and omri certified which I think is odd for a potting soil blend? Maybe It's just me but I'm kinda skeptical of the OMRI stamp for some reason?

    I'm still looking, but would appreciate all suggestions that don't include paying more for shipping then the product.

    Oh BTW in my searches I found Michigan has passed a law were you cannot throw dirt ,leaves, grass clippings or other lawn materials in the trash to conserve space in landfills, although I don't know why you would throw dirt away anyway? So many cities have started composting and you can just get it I guess, the drawback is that they take ALLL the cities materials including the sludge from the gutters and if someone uses pesticides on the lawn It's in there to. So I won't be using any city compost and I wouldn't suggest it for your organic mmj garden, but maybe the shrubs in the yard.

  9. Bez, if you can find it, try and take Chunks (and LD's and my own) advice and get some Coast of Maine compost. I swear that I have the results that I do get at least mostly due to thier products - very high quality. They use alot of sea products in thier compost - lobster, crab, mussels, salmon: you get the idea.

    Anyhow, just saying. Good stuff.

  10. #10 BeZtoken, Dec 4, 2011
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    [quote name='"jerry111165"']Bez, if you can find it, try and take Chunks (and LD's and my own) advice and get some Coast of Maine compost. I swear that I have the results that I do get at least mostly due to thier products - very high quality. They use alot of sea products in thier compost - lobster, crab, mussels, salmon: you get the idea.

    Anyhow, just saying. Good stuff.


    Yeah jerry I found it but like I said its probably 1-1 1/2 hrs one way....maybe ill call them and take a road trip tho i still plan on a few grows before I can have my own compost available.

    Plus I definitely trust you guys opinion on the Coast of Maine product and, I have looked at your grow jerry. I have 3 weeks minimum before transplant into the flower pots.....ok you talked me into it I'm gonna get it.
    BTW very nice set of girls you got going on jerry, something to be extremely proud of imho.

    Thanks again fellas, BeZ...V
  11. Good luck with whatever you end up going with - just remember that QUALITY means everything when it comes to your compost/humus products!


  12. Cottonseed is very hard to find organic. Also, make sure at the very least they provide you with a pathogens report showing no e. coli, etc... Personally I would want to know more about their composting process. I assume it's a thermal process. How are they regulating and monitoring temps, etc...? Any biological lab results? Chem/mineral/nutrient analysis?

    That sounds way too cheap to be of much quality in my opinion, but who knows?
  13. So I decided to call the nursery I found on the Coast of Maine website before making the 4 hour round trip, and it turns out they never heard of Coast of Maine products.

    I called the company and talked to a guy named Cameron, he said there's only 4 compost/soils that I can even get in Michigan. When I ask him where he never tells me, instead he wants names of independent nurseries or grow stores so he can try to get the products available to me. Cool enough, and he's suppose to call me back, if he does I'm asking for free samples.LOL.
    If he don't call back I'll contact them one more time on Monday, if he wont tell me where I can go to get it I'm stuck with searching for other alternatives.

    Other store bought alternatives anyone?

  14. Yes Daddyo almost every city,town,village,and zone in Michigan has free compost since a law prohibits throwing it in landfills, including the city where I live.

    Buuuut, they except any and ALLL leaf,yard, pesticide ridden garden waste and oil filled gutter sludge. Enough said, I won't use it.

    This is my problem I can't produce my own (I have literally no space)the local stuff is full of pesticides and apparently the one and only recommended bagged compost worth buying is a pain in the ass to source.

    I basically just need something (preferably compost) to cut the pro-mix with.

    My search will continue and I will figure it out, one way or another.

    Thanks, BeZ...V
  15. I'm not trying to change your mind or sway you BeZ, but compost done right will heat up enough to de-construct the hydrocarbon molecules of most pesticides and leave behind simple elements. By heating up I mean that during the thermophilic phase, the microbial action does the work.

    Also and unfortunately, buying bagged compost won't necessarily guarantee a compost free of chemical/pesticide residue.

    Another avenue you may want to pursue is to get in touch with an organic farm and ask if you might buy or have a couple of buckets of their compost. I have used composted steer manure, composted chicken manure and a mix of the two. IOw.....it doesn't have to be just composted plant material or yard debris.

    Here's hoping you get the best you can find,

  16. Any luck with your selection BEZ?

  17. [quote name='"jerry111165"']Any luck with your selection BEZ?


    Thanks for the concern fellas. Jerry. Yes and no I guess. I found a couple local Michigan companies that produce compost, one is manure compost from Dairy Doo I talked to them Friday but the people who know weather or not the cows are given hormones were out for the day so I'm making some more calls in the morning. I'm also gonna call Coast of Maine back first thing in the morning because the guy did say 4 products were available in the state so I'm hoping for the best. Literally.LOL I really want to try the blend with the shells in it.

    If I can't source any compost locally then ill stick with cutting my mix with EWC. I have a good source for them, there free 100% pure and from a reputible company so I don't plan on cutting them out completely just trying to make my blend more diverse in microbial life sources.

  18. BeZ, I use the "Penobscot Blend" - which is blueberry, mussel and salmon compost mixed with some peat, and I also use thier "Quoddy Blend", which is crab, lobster and aspen bark compost.

    I pretty much use both of these, some "Pro Mix" for the peat (aeration, etc.) then ammend with hi quality ewc, seed meals, composted chicken manure, etc. You get the idea.

    Works very well for me. I would reccomend to anyone.

    Good luck.

  19. Ok so after several calls back and forth it don't look like I'll be able to get any Coast of Maine, unless I want to get a business license and order a pallet of 80 bags.
    The only other option would be to have an out if state retailer ship it to me, so that's out if the question as well. Maybe someone local will carry it in the future. Idk

    Some good news tho. After a fairly extensive search for a commercial compost I've decided to go with a local Michigan product, the Dairy Doo I think I mentioned earlier.
    I've talked to them (not the owner) and they assured me the manure used comes from the hormone free calves, not the milk producers. Also I spoke with a certified organic farmer over at Funny Farm Produce because they advertise USDA approved compost for use on certified organic produce. Which I guess just means its tested, and reaches the right temps and gets turned properly.

    It turns out tho the compost they use and sell is Dairy Doo, and the guy assured me(we talked for about 30 min and be told me more about DD then there receptionist) that the owner of DD Brad is basically a genus when it comes to compost and his business at Morgan Farms is one of a kind in this state, they are leaders and the only ones in the state that make a manure compost product approved for organic food production. Everyone else uses yard waste compost and the funny farm guy feels the same way about that as I do, also he can't use it and sell a certified organic product. I guess he had the same problem as me in 98 when they went organic, and now they use 40 tons of DD compost a year. He also said they have a very good chicken manure compost and a mix of the 2.

    It's $7 a bag and I'm excited about using it. I really like the fact that its local and it sounds like its literally the best Shit around.lol.

    Thanks, BeZ...V

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