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  1. Does anyone like tim and eric when ur stoned bc i think its funny as shit and idk barely anyone who does.
  2. Havn't been stoned enough to like that show. Hate Tim and Eric.
  3. Dude I don't even need to be high to love that show. It's incredible. One of favorites.

    there's my chippy

  4. agreed.
  5. :hello:CHILD CLOWN OUTLET!!!

  6. I've only seen one full episode. I was stoned and it was hilarious. It was the one with the universe, all the food is poison, and the premium prices.
  7. HA. that's one of my FAVORITES! :hello:
    Adult Swim Video : Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job! : Sister Star

    Another amazing show that's similar to Tim & Eric (especially while stoned), is Pee Wee's Playhouse.
  8. i luvvvv t& e

    did you know they are going on tour???

  9. haha yea i saw that, thatd be so legit to go and see. one of the episodes from season 5 was shot at one of there live stand ups. gotta go see them if they come to austin
  10. The other day at the sk8park I gave a kid a For Your Health tidbit. I don't know if he got the reference or not.
  11. Sweet berry wine!

  12. For Your Wine!
  13. [​IMG]
    now tayne i can get into

    (can't stop laughing at that episode)
  14. With Tim and Eric show, its a love/hate relationship because some episodes are really funny and I can't stop laughing and some are just plain disgusting and I can't even bare to watch it any longer.
  15. eh, hit and miss, mostly misses
  16. I used to love this show, but their last two seasons have been fucking ridiculous to the point where I laugh maybe once. Check It Out however is one of the funniest things I've ever seen high. Steve Brule is fucking hilarious.

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