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  1. [​IMG]
    This hookah(slightly used) + 2 packs of coal, + 2 packs of shisha

    $45. I have no idea the cost. Im guessing thats overpriced though.

    Whats everyone think
  2. overpriced for sure.
  3. What price do you think?
  4. probably 25-30$ tops. that hookah is worth about 20$ new. coals are like 3$. shisha depends but its like a few bucks but they also have bigger sizes so you can buy it cheaper if u buy more.
  5. The true cost of smoking hookah is in the amount of tar you take in. I'm not saying don't smoke hookah; but if you're going to do it, do it right, and get a nice hookah.
  6. Don't buy a $45 hookah unless you really know what you're getting. I bought mine for $45 and it is an absolute piece of shit. The bowl is held together with tape, the hose seals are tape, the seal around the bowl is aluminum foil, and the malfunctioning ball valve has been replaced with tape. I have to carry tape around with it to fix the next thing that breaks. It works, but it is an absolute piece of shit.

    So unless you get the chance to check it out, go for a more expensive one that has some positive reviews. If you spend $45 on a bong, it'll likely be easy to break but it will most likely work. My hookah, on the other hand, needed tape to function from day one.

    EDIT: Now that I look at the picture, I'm pretty sure that one is made by the same company as mine. The hose, mouthpiece, ball valve, and bowl seal look identical. I would strongly recommend against buying it.
  7. yeah i spent like 45$ on each of mine and there pretty good. but i got it from a good site with a lot of reviews
  8. So you bought it from someone in that condition?

  9. No. That's the worst part. I got it new. The bowl was made of extremely thin ceramic and broke the first time I tried to put it on. This is why it is taped back together. Also, the bottom of the bowl that goes over the seal was slightly oval rather than round.

    The bowl seal was cone shaped like the one in the picture which made it slip off as soon as it got slippery from the shisha. It slipped off so easily that it was useless. The bowl literally didn't stay on the hookah. Aluminum foil was the best replacement I could come up with that didn't cost money.

    The ball valve from day one would never seal so you couldn't draw in much smoke. I've given up on it and I have tape covering the hole.

    The hose never had a seal at all. It wouldn't even stay in the hookah, much less form a seal. After I wrapped a bunch of tape around the end of the hose, it sealed okay.

    Also, the threads for the down stem stripped extremely easily. It's still sort of hanging on but I see more tape in its future.

    Basically, anything that could break, other than the glass itself, has broken. I was never unnecessarily hard on it either. The one in the picture looks like it has some of the same parts, although a lot of hookahs look similar. Without reviews that say otherwise, I'd stay away.

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