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    Just wondering if anybody here likes their sex more than just vanilla. :rolleyes:
    I myself am a rope bunny, I think it's pretty sex to be tied up then at the mercy of my man <3 Anybody else here into kink? I know this might be a strong topic but I won't judge and I don't really care. I mean if i did would this thread be here?

    And if you are mainly vanilla, could you ever see yourself getting into kink/BDSM sex/lifestyle? If not, why? If you are already into the scene, then please don't be shy and share your words of experience.

    Everyone who posts in this thread: Please try and be mature about this. I expect a lot of flack for this, but maybe I will be surprised. But my point is, don't call someone out on their fetishes or flame them.
  2. There are restraint straps on my bed year round and a paddle hanging on the door... And btw I've never been with a girl that didn't like to be tied and spanked occasionally so I don't think your fetish is weird at all!..oh, and brace yourself for the sexual offers you are about to get for posting this :)
  3. Dig it man, I have done it before not my personal favorite but nothing wrong with a bit of spice.

  4. That's cool. Care to share what it was you tried? If not I can understand.
  5. I fucking love kinky stuff :p I ask my man to do things to me quite often, like putting a blindfold on me, tying me up, spanking ect makes the sex feel great and a lot more intense. Of course, regular sex is great too, I love to mix it up :) we both really enjoy that.
  6. I was with a girl that wanted to be choked one time, I didn't do it though. To be honest it kinda freaked me out and I was afraid I would hurt her to much it something if I tried it. Anyways do you enjoy this? Or could you shed some light for me on why some women do? Thanks.
  7. I like being tied up. Choked. Slapped. Real rough hair pulling.Hand cuffs. Blind folds. Being gagged. Throat fucking. Hard spankings. Fake rape. Hot wax.
    I guess my wildest sex was when I had a knife to my throat the whole time.
    Other non vanilla things I guess would be sex in public and threesomes.
  8. I love being bitten hard, and If your cutting me with a razor blade ill love it, and scratch and dig into me with her claws.
  9. Love to be tied up and have my balls busted by a real man.

  10. I got a stiffy iffy :yay:
  11. i never knew this side of you, god damn :ey:

    never done anything ridiculously crazy but my ex wanted me to choke her, pull her hair, and throat fuck her

    personally not into bondage and holding knives up to women's throats to simulate rape LOL

  12. Ahaha glad to help.

    Yeah I dont seem like the type of girl to be into dirty rough sex but I completely am. With the right partner. If Im comfortable with my partner then pretty much anything goes. I love being told what to do :devious:
    I think some of my sexual preference come from a bad place but whatevs it makes me cum so it can't be too bad :rolleyes:
  13. The last time I got laid, I kinda choked the girl while doing it. My friend suggested I do that and I'm not sorry, the girl was going crazy she loved it.That and a little of spanking is as far as I would go though
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  15. break out the anal beads and the handcuffs ;)
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    I would never let anyone tie me up. I do not like being helpless, ever.

    I wouldn't mind tying someone else up.

    However, I do like throat fucking. Hahaha, my boyfriend and I got all fucked up last night and he throat fucked me (this was before I set up the video camera ;)) The night before we had some anal sex. We've also had a threesome.

    I, also, do not mind being spanked, light choking, scratching and hair pulling. We use vibrators too. Sex toys are awesome. My favorite thing is to use a vibrator inside me while he's fucking my ass.

    You can't really be "vanilla" when you're in a LTR. Gotta keep things exciting.

  17. :cool: yes
  18. You're alright GirlyS. You are allllright
  19. Hahaha, I edited it because I thought of some more shit "vanilla" people wouldn't do.

    I hope you guys find ladies that satisfy your sexual appetite.

  20. She is a good and giving person.

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