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Tidy weed or not?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by junior_miss, Sep 12, 2009.

  1. Hi,

    I used to smoke a lot of weed up until 2002/3. Then I moved out of London and didn't have many connections/ or could only get soap. I'm also not really into solid/body stone. I like a real sativa high where I can get stuff done and mix or produce music. So anyway I gave up. Last year I was in a pub talking to a mate and saying that I hadn't had any smoke in ages and he gave me a bit of solid. When I smoked it it was so sugary and I thought it was a bit odd. Still it got me quite baked and not unpleasant if I'm honest. I didn't know anything about the contaminated shit then.

    I have always smoked cigarettes but wanted to give up so I got me a pipe and recently I got some non UK stuff. Ok so I have smoked quite a bit of it. It's quite dry. Smells good. Burns quite quickly. High is good . I always smoked spliffs in the past. In my pipe there's some tarry looking black sticky which is left after smoking but I just thought that was from burning. Ash crumbles away though. No sore throught or coughing. I'm not smoking that much though.The only 'symptom' I may have had was a headache the day after once or twice. This hasn't happened everytime though and I did try to give up caffeine the other week so I kind of put it down coinciding with that because I've had that caffeine withdrawl headache before

    Now I came across this forum and I have been looking at my weed all day trying to work out if its cut/sprayed and tbh I just don't know anymore. I thought I'd post some pix up of it so that people can help me identify if it's bad.

    This is SO so depressing. I always found weed had such a positive effect on my life. Made me a LOT more rational and sensible in life. The horrible thing is I can't grow because I have a small child and I don't want to bring any shit to my family. And to think I gave up fags because thy were so bad for me (Have been doing brilliantly with that as well)

    Anyway, would really appreciate some help to identify if this is good or not


  2. Yea it looks fine. The black stuff left over in the bowl is just resin from the weedand is completely normal. Smoke it up
  3. looks dank to me, or beasters, good smoke none the less.. toke up!
  4. Looks really good to be honest.. try a differnt method of smoking it.. I usually get a headache when smoking but i dont if i hit a perculated bong..
    So try new things, Try new weed, Just shop around till you find a good dealer. And you can grow, just do it cautiously.

    Happy toking my friend
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    Break that down... load up your bowl.... and put the flame to that.

    And inhale. Deep.

    The only smoking method I got headaches from was a really small bowl that I had to pack every hit. All that inhaling butane can't be good for you... But joints, bongs, man it's all good. :smoking: = :bongin:
  6. Yeah that looks like pretty good quality weed even if it is broken up a bit. Looks nice and has lots of crystals.
  7. the weed is fine, the black stuff in ur pipe is just resin which is 100% normal (and smoke-able). you are most likely getting headaches from inhaling butane from the lighter when u light up. to prevent the headaches, you could switch to a glow rod (pretty much a glass rod that you super heat with a lighter then press into your packed bowl), or you can even use a CLEAN soldering iron.

    happy toking my friend
  8. this is some american kid who just wanted an excuse to use fag in a sentence like that

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  9. im definitely gonna have to snag that pic man, shits hilarious

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