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  1. pulled off 3 that look like this

    2 lonestar ticks

    and 1 blue dog tick

    i've tried every single fucking bug and tick spray known to man, but yet every time i go back to my grow spot i come back with 5 or 6 Ticks latched onto my skin.

    anyone know a homemade remedy for this shit? i really dont want some funky disease.
  2. We used to camp in a place with quite a few ticks. Even though it's uncomfortable, and not likely to be cool.....wear a hoody, or even a long sleave shirt and pants. That way, you will have minimal area for them to get thru to you. We used to check each other every once in awhile too, so that might not be a bad idea while you're out there. .Another thing I know works, even less cool, and less comfortable is mud. They won't get thru the mud if smeared on you. Plus it adds a certain amount of camo!
  3. most times ticks drop from branches above you and land on ur head/shoulders. i always wear hats when going on hikes or trails with ticks.

    btw op lyme disease is the only thing u really need to watch out for and you'd know if you had it, trust me.

  4. hahaha, well i have about 20Acres out back that i own, so im not really worried about staying camouflage as it's my own property.

    but i heard drinking some Quinine water helps? but i tried that shit and i vomited...
  5. and that's the odd thing, there's not tree's where i walk, i've heard of them doing that, and i avoid walking through the trail covered by tree's for that sole purpose :eek:
  6. They characteristically hang upside down
    on long blades of grass and weeds with
    their legs up in the wind to latch onto
    anything that passes by. Especially the
    sides of human/animal trails.

    The best thing u can do is wear layers
    of clothing.

  7. I live in the middle of the woods and honestly there isn't anything that is going to be 100% repelling to them. I have chickens which actually destroy a large chunk of the tick population around me, but as far as my grow spot i always wear 2 layers to check it out... more layers = harder for them to bite.
  8. put some of that tick repel for dogs on your boots or shoes
  9. Finding an engorged tick on your body is never fun. Ticks do carry diseases, which might make you think twice about your next hike into the woods. You don't have to avoid the outdoors, though. Your first line of defense is avoiding their bites. Follow these 10 tips to avoid ticks, and more importantly, tick bites, when you head outdoors.

    1. Use a product with 20% DEET or higher on both skin and clothing. Carefully apply the repellent by hand to your face, neck, and ears – you don't want DEET in your eyes or mouth! Adults should apply DEET products to young children. You may need to reapply DEET products after several hours.
    2. Apply permethrin to clothing, hiking boots, tents, and camp chairs. Permethrin products should never be used on skin. It remains effective on clothing through several washings. Permethrin is sold under the names Permanone and Duranon.
    3. Wear light-colored clothing. You'll have a better chance of seeing a dark tick crawling on you before it makes its way to your skin.
    4. Wear long pants with sneakers or hiking boots. Tuck your pant legs into your socks, and keep your shirt tucked into your waistband. In areas where ticks are abundant, you might even want to wrap some duct tape around your ankles, over the top of your socks. You'll look ridiculous, but it works.
    5. Outfit yourself in bug repellent apparel. Want a sporty, outdoor look with built-in tick protection? Ex-Officio sells a line of clothing that is pretreated with permethrin. The treatment lasts through up to 70 washings.
    6. Stay on the trail. Ticks hang out in high vegetation, waiting for a passing host. When your leg brushes through the vegetation, the tick transfers to your body. Walk on designated trails, and avoid blazing your own through meadows or other high vegetation areas. You'll avoid ticks and leave a minimal impact on the wild places we love.
    7. Avoid tick-infested places. In some places, ticks may be too abundant to avoid, even with the best repellents and long pants. If you venture a few feet into a wooded area or field and find your legs covered with ticks, turn around.
    8. Be vigilant – do a daily tick check. Strip down and search all those places that ticks love to hide: in your hair, under your arms, between your legs, behind the knees, and even in your belly button.
    9. Put your clothes in the dryer, and tumble them on high heat. Research shows many ticks can make it through the washing machine, even when you wash in hot water. Most ticks will die during a cycle in the hot, dry air of your clothes dryer, though.
    10. Check your pets and your kids before letting them loose in the house. Ticks can easily drop off on carpets or furniture, where they will wait for a bloodmeal to come along. Give Fido's fur a check, and make Junior remove clothing and do a tick check.

    Found this on google.
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    ticks are realllly bad by me. when i go into the plots this time of year i constantly pull them off... hundreds.. i got lymes last season. it sucks bad, but not stopping me from growing:)

    [quote name='earlycyler']If you venture a few feet into a wooded area or field and find your legs covered with ticks, turn around.QUOTE]

    this is my plot lol

  11. 70s, Glad you said that, What do you use as a repellent? Ive been looking for fucking ever trying to find a good growing spot and i found one, its in a very thick and brushy field, and i walked out there yesterday and was super pumped bc its such an awesome spot, but i got home and there were a shitload of ticks on my pants, like 12 of em. do u just change your clothes when you go to your plot or what?

  12. i usually use the same cloths but right when i get home i check my naked body at least 3 times. i know they dont go into the hair much, but i think thats where i got lymes from, my head. one of those tiny ass ones, i think dog tick? anyway, i dont use any repellent which i should, but i doubt that anything will repel all the ticks. they do suck, but ya got to deal with em... a tick infested plot is a great plot
  13. Alright cool, thanks for the help.
  14. wear a pair of white jeans, white shoes, white socks, and white shirt. as soon as you finish checking your plants scan all areas of clothing, they will stick out easily.
  15. thankyou guys for all your replies! ihavent had much experience with the outdoors since i was a boyscout, ahah,but i love my Plot, it's amazing because all the plants on the back 20, (not just weed, including several peanut plants) grow fucking huge, and the soil is perfectly Airated with fine Sand since it's in a flood zone and right next to a creek, i really couldnt of asked for a more fertile plot, but the fucking ticks man... :cool:
  16. Yeah I know what works real well for ticks and flying insects. I use this on my horses when I ride out and the ticks drop off them and if they stay they shrivel and die. You can buy it at the AG store like Southern States Tractor Supply or Farmers Co-op online from Jeffers Equine or Valley Vet...it is called "ENDURE" it works great. Me and my horses come home tick free after riding in the mountains and the fields all day long. If you find one crawling on you they are stumbling and will soon just fall off. I spray it on the horse and it sprays back onto me all the time and I just freshen up the legs and hat I am good.

    Guinea fowl:
    Google Image Result for http://wild-facts.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/05/guinea-fowl.jpg
    they work so much better then chickens and will range out and clear entire areas of termites ticks worms grubs mosquitos eventually everything...they are noisy as hell though but extremely effective and very wild and roost in trees and lay eggs on the ground.

    the tiny nymph ones are the ones that carry lymes disease. there are about 6 different types of lymes disease and 20 different bacteria and infectous agents they can dispense into your body
    The "Western Blot" is the most common test given but is only a strong indicator test for a few of the bacteria.....the testing sucks for lymes and so does finding a doctor to diagnose, treat, even acknowldge that lymes even exists!

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