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  1. hey all um today when i went to check my plants i found a tick on a small leaf that was on the stem...i took the leaf off but it got me thinkin i need a way to keep these bugs away. i wanna try to get a bug net or somthin (can sombody help me out with that?) and i hear mixing dish soap and warm watter and spraying it will keep bugs away is that true? thanks
  2. Ticks feed by sucking bloods from animals, they perch themselves on plants and latch on to whatever brushes by the plant. Theyre no harm to your plant. Are you sure its a tick?
  3. im pretty sure it was it looked alot like one. it was just chillen on the leaf and i found a couple small holes on that plant so i wasnt sure if they were doing it...i hope its a male plant lol
  4. Hate those parasitic bastards.
  5. Those ticks are actually damaging plants and there fucking tiny so there hard to spot, after i found one on my grow i just went and bought some of that anti bug shit and now i have no problems with ants or ticks
  6. ok thanks im gunna try to save this grow lol. i plan on starting indoor growing in the future it should be a lot easier xD
  7. Personally...I strongly dislike home made "miracle" remedies...

    They may work for one or the other or even a few different crop damaging insects but outdoors with all the possibility's that can happen to your plants I prefer this:

    It kills them ALL and won't harm you! :D

    Spectracide :: Triazicide Once & Done! Insect Killer RTU - 10525 - 10520


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