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Tickle in throat when smoking

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by infamousnugz, Jun 15, 2011.

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    Whenever I puff a joint I feel a tickle in my throat and because of that I feel I have to cough a lot for it to go away. When I take a bong hit I have to really cough sometimes, to the point where I almost throw up. This has only happened 2 dozen times since I started smoking, but there has to be a reason.

    I take two big bong hits to get high usually. After that I can't smoke anymore because the tickle will actually make me vomit, and while I don't feel sick and there's no reason why I should, this fucking tickle is laughing away and causing smoking misfortunes. I could probably get higher if I could go for another big bong hit or two, but nope.

    Anyone else experience this?

    I smoke cigarettes, half a pack a day, and I don't get any tickle with that.

    Also, small bong hits make the tickle the worst. I take it and immediately feel the tickle and the small amount of smoke in my mouth, which is just entirely different than a throat full of a smoke.
  2. This is like your third thread man...

    btw LOL on the throat full of smoke.
  3. I would try a vaporizer. I know many people whose bodies just can't handle the smoke. It's not a bad thing, it could just be your bodies reactions to the chemicals in the smoke. Try vaping. It's awesome! And you can get a $15.99 attachment to the Silver Surfer Vape to use with a bong! :smoke: keep tokin' bud!
  4. I'm in a posting mood today, thinking a lot about weed.

    And I should get a vape, thanks for reminding me they exist. Everything has been bong with me since I started. I only roll with buds.
  5. Is that not your goal as well? haha
  6. tickle the side of your neck or ear i think, i read somewhere that it helps for a scratch in the back of your throat.
  7. Just to see it just made me actually lol.
  8. It made me trip a little when I typed it because I thought of how ganj smokers are like a bunch of dragons toking away, at least in the sense that we have throats full of smoke.
  9. After I smoke sometimes (with the coughing as well, not been smoking a lot and I never smoke cigarettes) whenever I need to breathe out through my mouth, I have a little tickle which leads to a little cough. It's weird, but it's a sick feeling. I hate it.
  10. Man i just get high bro.

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