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Ti Vs Glass Nail

Discussion in 'Concentrate Tools' started by trixman22, Feb 22, 2012.

  1. So everyone says that TI doesn't give off a residue or anything like that. My question is is that really true? Does anyone else notice a difference in taste from using a Glass nail vs a TI one? If the TI was giving off nothing then why would it change the taste? Shouldn't a glass hit and and TI hit taste the same if nothing is being left off? Just something my dad made me think about when I was explaining the pros vs cons of glass vs TI.
  2. They deff have different tastes. Ive not used a ti nail but a ti skillet, and i have used a regular glass nail, and a quartz nail. Quartz deff has its own unique taste to it too. Regular glass had best taste to me, but the nails don't last for shit. I switch between my ti skillet and quartz nail frequently, so can't say i like one over the other, just feel like i can drop bigger dabs on skillet than the nail cause nail cools off faster.
  3. most opinions that i've read on this subject claim that the difference in taste between using a glass vs titanium is completely outweighed by the fact that the titanium one will NEVER break
  4. [quote name='"superkev000"']most opinions that i've read on this subject claim that the difference in taste between using a glass vs titanium is completely outweighed by the fact that the titanium one will NEVER break[/quote]

    I understand its preferance. My question is why is there a semi metalic taste when using TI if nothing is supposed to be given off of it? Glass taste better because it doesnt give off anything. Shouldnt the TI be the same?

  5. I've tried both a glass and a Ti nail and i have to say the ti nail taste better then glass, maybe your Ti is of bad quality, im not sure, but this is just coming from personal opinion
  6. Are you dabbing when your Ti is still bright red? I've heard of stuff happening when you do that but I can't remember at this particular moment.
  7. The taste is probably from overheating. I sometimes get that, but when I do its usually on crumble when there wasn't as much as I thought so I put it on a really hot TI nail, and its a small dab so I usually get that taste. In fatter dabs I can't notice as much as the taste of the errl overpowers it so much. I use a glass nail(well quartz nail) and a TI nail 50/50. They both have positives and negatives like most people have said. The quartz I feel gives off a better taste, but I feel it vapes it more as it cools down quicker than a TI. The TI, takes a little longer to heat up, but cools down slower than the quartz, but sometimes get that TI taste, but you can take fat dabs <- only reason why I use TI I think. I also believe, TI is the only metal that isn't harmful to your body, as thats why they use it for bone screws and plates, because I believe theres some kind of oxide protective film around the TI, which protects it from from human fluids, and like usage from moving it I guess. <- Don't take my word on this I'm not doing too well in school :(.
  8. TI > Glass > Quartz
  9. make sure you DAB - don't scrape your dabber along the rim and keep going around and around... just quick dabs. that's why they call it dabbin!

  10. The preferred method is to run the dabber around the head of the nail Cus they're so big now a days on the ti nails. Just don't scrape hard
  11. not sure how it goes, but when you scrape something cold along the super hot ti nail head like that youre def gonna get that nasty taste. not sure if thats true if you use a ti dabber as well, but i try to just touch the hash, oil, wax and make no contact between the dabber and ti head at all.
  12. I dunk, so scraping the dabber isn't the problem. My TI is not red hot when I drop the wax, as someone else asked about.

    Why is there a difference in taste if nothing is being let off?
  13. ti nail is more efficient!
  14. [quote name='"pigpen03"']ti nail is more efficient![/quote]

    Thats not wut im asking. Try rereading my question.
  15. Let me rephrase my question since no one seems to understand what im asking.

    Why is there a difference in taste between a glass nail vs a TI nail? I thought TI isn't supposed to give off any residue or anything? How can it change the taste if it doesn't give off anything?
  16. The answer is one is metal and one is glass. They are different compounds which means they will taste slightly different. In no way does taste mean that it is putting toxic fumes off. I don't know why that is difficult to understand. Have you ever smoked the same strain but one was hydro and one was soil? They will taste slightly different because of the medium in which was used. Same with your nails. Different compounds will vary the taste, but that doesn't make one dangerous and one not.
  17. Look at it this way. You ever drank water out of a plastic cup or a glass? Now go put some water into a metal canteen and see if it tastes different. Different things taste differently to us.
  18. To dude above you, I never used the words toxic or dangerous.

    Most liquids will taste different when served out of different mediums because parts of the medium are being leached into the liquid. Most cans of soda have BPA lining them to keep metals from leaching. But then your drinking the BPA and that shit isn't any good either.

    Im no scientist, but on a molecular level something is being given off to change the taste. I am not saying toxic or dangerous just that something is given off to change the taste.
  19. How long should it take to heat a Ti nail? LHS told me 60 seconds and I've also heard glowing red is not optimal either. I use a Vector torch.
  20. 60s is way to long, it seems most lhs' are giving really bad advice when it comes to this topic, one has to wonder whether their employees even dab! :eek:

    I would never heat for longer than 30s, though there is so much variance in ambient temps, torch flame temp, and titanium thickness it would be sort of pointless to go off of an arbitrary time amount. It depends on how thick your ti is of course (heat retention) but I generally stop once the hottest part of the nail starts glowing orange-red, about 10-15s with my vector nitro. This is no doubt overdoing it, as I've had success vaping concentrates on a nail that had no signs of redness, but its to much guesswork imo to try and judge heat with no visual indicators, plus it ensures that every last drop of oil gets vaporized. ;)

    Play around with it and find what you like best, the goal is to have the lowest amount of heat, while still ensuring the whole dab is vaped before the nail cools to much.

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