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  1. Hey I’ve had this Ti nail for a month and it’s all blue all around and just a ring of white oxidation from what I think around the middle, I think it formed from when I torched it to hot one time with a propane tank torch. Do you think it’s safe for me to dab on?

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  2. Looks fine to me. I never had issues with my titanium nail and i blasted the fuck out of it with the torch. Every time.

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  3. Man I'm close to breaking down and getting a rig. Shit got a zip of wax. So what do u guys reccomend for a nail? Never had a nail or a rig! Pics would be nice. Link to good yts also! Thanks

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  4. Honestly I just prefer a little bubbler with a titanium nail, they say quartz is nicer but idk because I've never used one. If you wanna splurge/get fancy you can get one of those dab straws you just heat the bottom and then dip into your concentrate as you inhale. They even make electric ones that heat themselves.

    Here's a decent kit that includes pretty well all you'd need for a good time
    Silicone Honey Straw 6.5" Purple&Blue

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  5. tiny dab rig, butane torch, quartz banger bowl and a carb cap is the way to go in my opinion.
  6. Bingo, the smaller the piece the more terp flavor you will taste. I have a small 6" banger hanger and its a beauty, quartz also conserves heat better which allows you to take lower temp dabs and get even more terp flavor.

    Gotta waste it to taste it :p
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