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thursday afternoon

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by sweetesleaves, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. What up GC-

    i just ran out of buds so after i got home and got a little shit done, i sat outside in my car and took some resin hits off this little bowl of mine that just gets insanely resinated but never clogs or smokes poorly. so now im feelin pretty high and i just sat down to find Dazed and Confused on the tv. It's a rainy thursday afternoon and a few buddies are lookin to chill and smoke a buncha purple haze :D:smoking:

    how are y'alls afternoons/evenings/whatever goin?

    hope youre stayin' high and dry-
    its ya boy sweetesleaves
  2. Wow, same thing but the sun us shining bright,
    Great day to smoke a Joint outside in the sunshine

    Good day, smoked my whole 1/8 today and feel
    amazing. :)
  3. hell yeah man i could go for a little sun right now, but it's ok, i ain't worried about shit.
  4. fuck I literally JUST cleaned out all the resin from my bong. But fuck smoking that shit when i got some headies laying around :)
  5. Purple Haze?! OMG KOOL DUDE!!! :rolleyes:
  6. haha atleast you got resin to smoke im completely scraped dry! :(
  7. #7 KansasToker, Feb 12, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 12, 2009
    Sounds like a nice afternoon.

    I just got back from class and I don't have class again til next tuesday. I'm twisting up a .7g joint of some chron chrons right now and I'll probably soon head out to target to get some rubbing alcohol to clean my pieces. After that I'll probably meet up with some friends to blaze/start drinking and figure out what's going on tonight...thirsty thursday! haha. And tomorrow I have a couple friends coming to visit who graduated last's gonna be a shitshow. This weekend should be pretty epic. I'm happy I have plenty of buds to share with everyone who's visiting, and one of my friends said he's gonna bring some molly if he can.
  8. screw you guys its like 30 out and its cloudy as hell. but im stoned and my g is coming over to roll a blunt with me. good day minus the environment outside.
  9. Its windy as shit out here and kinda miserable. So i took a little nap this afternoon :smoke:
  10. I just got to florida yesterday for vacation and its so nice here. I just wish i could find some bud to enjoy it even more. When i got here yesterday i was so sick and i felt like complete shit but i just started feeling better this afternoon after 3 days with a fever.
  11. Which part of FL you in?
  12. Today was 60+ out. I drove for 6 hours around Massachusetts. Quite boring but I did get to smoke a lot. Enjoy your day GC. :smoke:
  13. just another chill thrusday waitn for Friday!! You know bout to toke on soome funk in ma bowl
  14. my thursday isnt too bad chilled with my bros and we got some sick shit goin down this weekend that im thrilled about... wish i had more bud to psyche myself up with lol

    all in all not a bad day. (my friends was better he got laid too)

  15. Im in marathon

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