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    I thought I made a thread about this a while ago but I can't find it. Nearly every forum I've ever been on, including the old GC, I could go to my profile and click a link and it would show every thread I ever made. The "new and improved" GC doesn't do this.
    At any rate I'm done looking at fucking thumbnails. They take forever to load, and half the time the poster doesn't reduce the picture so you have to scroll all over to see it and then hopefully you can make sense of the image. And you have to find the "X" in order to move on within the same thread.
    I used to like reading the grow threads, but I don't think hardly ANYBODY there knows how to post an image the normal way. Every fucking thread is loaded with thumbnails and to see every image on a 20-post page takes forever. Maybe half or even 3/4 of the images don't interest me, BUT I HAVE TO GO THROUGH THE WHOLE RIGAMAROLE JUST TO FIND OUT. It simply isn't worth my time anymore.
    If anybody gives a shit about my opinion, whoever is in charge here SHOULD DISABLE THE THUMBNAIL feature and force everybody to post images the normal way. I challenge anyone to read a 20-post page loaded with thumbnails (try the grow threads) and see how long it takes you, especially if a good number of the thumbnails didn't interest you anyway.
    Then imagine if all those thumbnails were just normal images on each post, and you could just scroll down the thread, no need to click your mouse a million fucking times, stop at images that interest you and scroll past the ones that don't.

  2. What they need to do is allow is to take a pic from our PC and instead of making a thumbnail, make it a normal pic like you're saying. The only pics we can do that with are ones with URLs of google and stuff, but I didn't get my god damn plant pics off google lol. They should fix that.
    You have to put your image somewhere on the web. There are a zillion sites that do this for free. I guess there is a bit of a learning curve but it isn't THAT hard, and once someone gets the hang of it, it doesn't take long either.
    At a site I was posting at years ago, there were several people wanted to know how to put images in their posts so I wrote up a step-by-step explanation for how to do it. I still have the file and will gladly post it here if I thought anybody would bother to read it AND MAKE THE EFFORT TO STOP USING THE LAZY-MAN'S THUMBNAILS.
  4. Yeah I know I use photobucket but it can get really annoying really quick.
    I used to like it but since they changed it all around a while back, making it less user-friendly, requiring more mouse clicks, I hate it.
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    couldnt you upload the pic through the photo gallery then link it or somthin? i dunno pics are not my thing
    I remembered reading it before so I looked and found it in The Big Upgrade To IPB Boards Forum, but it's also listed under Topics in your profile. :smoking: 
    Ok, I went to my profile and found it -- thanks.
    But the list only goes back to May 14. Are threads we made before the changeover not included?
    It only lists the most recent 5 on your profile. Go to "My Content" and select "Only Topics" on the menu to the left if you want to see the rest of your threads. 
    Heh, ok got it. They sure love to change words around simply to confuse people. I cannot think of another reason for doing it.
    Here's another question, seeing as you prolly know the answer: Under my sub page, some of the green envelope icons have a down arrow and some don't -- even though I've posted in all of them. Why the difference and what does it mean?
    Ok, I'm on a roll now, brace yourself.
    When I click on Notifications/Like and then the link to the actual post that somebody liked, sometimes it takes me to that post and sometimes it doesn't. Also, when I click on the above-mentioned green envelope to take me to the first unread post of any thread, sometimes it takes me to that post, sometimes it doesn't.
    Why like zero seconds to edit a post without the "Edited by" window showing?
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    The arrow icon is supposed to mean that you've posted in the thread, I'm not sure why it doesn't show up for some topics. 
    Like notifications have three different links, [person's username] liked a [post you made] in [thread]. If you click on "post you made" it will take you to the post, if you click on the thread name, it will just take you to the thread. Same deal with quote notifications, clicking the "quote" link will take you to the post where you're quoted and clicking the "post you made" link will take you to your post that was quoted. 
    I've never noticed a problem with the green arrow taking me to the first unread post, so I'm not sure what's going on there. 
    As far as the "edited by" thing, that's just how it is on the new software. I'm sure that could probably be changed, but I don't know if there are any plans to do so. 
    Oh well, thanks for your help. :(

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