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  1. Have you every had to just throw your dank away cuz of cops. The other night and my friends were smoking and a cop seen us just walking so I just throw my pipe and dank and ran. The cop came talk to us,let us go and I had no pipe and my eighth was gone. Lucky enough the next day i went back found my c99 dank and my pipe which I'm suprised it didnt break. So my question is how many people have had to do this before.
  2. i never done it...
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    well that's a good thing it sucks
  4. I did it in high school a few times, I usually found it afterwards though. I would get called up to the office and ditch all my shit in a trashcan.
  5. threw my chillum at the cement inside of a half pipe before a cop searched me. friend wasnt quick enough and got a para though
  6. I threw a blunt of some pretty good shit like 5 feet away from me into some grass behind my friend's apartment. We were high when went looking for it but we still couldn't find it. And we looked everywhere. I was so mad at myself for that shit.... But then we bought more.
  7. Had to ditch the 8th I had just bought, found it later with only a nug left...
  8. My friend threw a few grams of my shit and the blunt he was rolling out of the window, because I was driving and came to a 4-way intersectoin, and there was a cop coming down the road on the passenger side who was staring us down, but went the other way... so he chucked it out and after I started yelling at him the cop came from the other way and followed us, so I just drove home and he left us alone. We grabbed a few more grams out of the stash later and finally had our blunt cruise drivin' around the park.
  9. Was at a bonfire in the woods that got busted by the Cops and I got corned against the swamp with a few buddies so we hid the hash we had on us, didn't get searched and the Cops must have found the hash.
  10. I flused .7 one time b/c I was going to quit. That lasted 5 days and I have been pissed I did that ever since then. Even though it was only .7 still wtf it was headies haha
  11. I was smoking at a park one time with a few people and the guy who owned the park was riding up to our spot so we decided to run and throw our pipe and bag into the woods, never ended up finding either when we went back the next day.

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