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Throwing Away Medicine Bottles

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by camram, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. Today I was at a dispensary and the tender said make sure you discard the label if you intend on discarding the bottle. To be honest that really never crossed my mind before but the label does have your name and strain and sometimes even your card number.

    I throw bottles from the regular pharmacy away. What are the dangers?
  2. they put all that info on your capsules?? That sounds weird. I would take that shit off the second I got it
  3. Well I'm sure not every one dose that. But I have no idea cause I don't live in a mmj state :/
  4. In CO, I think to be HB 1284 compliant they must put a label.

  5. They dont have to put a label if the receipt reflects the amount purchased (aka the receipt says 10 g grape ape - $100.00

    The place i go sometimes just throws the bud in a bag, then throws that in a paper bag and gives you a receipt that is broken into stickers you can put on yourself if you feel the need, but they dont do it themselves.

    If you go somewhere that puts your name, card number, and anything like that on the label, fuckin destroy it so its unreadable, or remove it.... Chances something happens are slim, but if something did.... like say, someone scammed the mmj system by making a fraudulent card, with your number but their name, it could come back to you some how knowing the lovely legal system we use here in the US.... Or even worse (because in that situation you could easily prove you didnt do anything with a good lawyer) someone could know more info about you than you want, you never know what people are capable of.... but again, chances are slim, but when what your doing is federally illegal still, protection is always a good choice lol

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