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Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Sir fapsalot, May 29, 2013.

  1. Idk how to explain but every time I smoke whether it be the best bud or the worst when I start coming down of my high my throat always seems to get clogged almost and kinda slimy sometimes it's a little hard to breathe and swallow but it's not painfull just annoying do you blades ever have this
  2. Nope, cant say i have but that sucks
  3. I used to get the same thing, like an allergic reaction to weed. Nose would get stuffy, throat would be on fire and sore (different than cottonmouth). Not really sure how it stopped, but it eventually did. But just so you know, you're not alone.
  4. It's just your mouth/throat that's dry as fuck, I used to get paranoid of that all the time and feel like my throat was clogged just like you.
    Drink some more, and stop thinking about it
  5. Like the guy above me said best thing to do while smoking is to keep hydrated. I always bring a water bottle out with me, see if that helps.
  6. stop sucking that BBC for those dime sacks
  7. Drink water, drink water, smoke, drink water, smoke, repeat.

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