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  1. He guys, I have an issue when i smoke weed. First off i love smoking weed its like my favorite thing to do. I cant even remember how long this has been going on but it feels way worse then it did before. When ever i smoke weed i always feel like my throat swells up and i start breathing really slow. People tell me that its anxiety but i smoke weed all the time and nothing bad has ever happened so im never worried when im high, the only thing that does worry me is my throat, i finally recently started paying attention to my throat more often by taking pictures and looking at it in the mirror when i noticed the swelling.
    I can see a difference of my breathing by comparing my throat when im high and when im not high and it looks almost as if my throat and tonsels are swallon and it looks as if the roof of my mouth is collapsed and  im natrually breathing hard because of how swallen my throat is.
    I'm not sure what this is and i get it a lot when i smoke weed, sometimes not so bad but i notice it almost every time now when i smoke, Theres no way i could be allergirc to pot because the only thing being effected is my throat and nothing else, that and i been smoking for a long time. I dont know if this is a common thing when smoking but i need some help on what it might be and how to get rid of it, i wanna relax when i toke..
    P.S ~ im allergic to amoxicillan thats all, maybe i have asthma or allergys?
    Here is a picture of my nasty ass throat...
    btw im opening my mouth as wide as i can.

  2. Could be allergic to weed
  3. But....... Weed completes me.. :"( Could that like seriously be possible or would it be something the weed was grown in or a pollen on the plan or idk. Should i try injesting it different ways? I smoke outa double bubbler and a 2ft water bong with a perk.
  4. Tonsillitis?
  5. also if i were allergic to it i should get hives if i touch it or sneaze or something. And i should still get a swollen throat from just touching it right? Maybe my lungs are very sensitive to the smoke?
    Google image Tonsillitis.
    The smoke could be aggravating your tonsils. I had extremely sensitive tonsils for most of my life, and when I smoked the next morning I would have a sore throat.
  7. fuck brah that is gross af
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    Its not yer lungs.. its aniphlacctic shock.. misspelled wrong im sure, but its an allergic reaction.. my wife went thru the same thing.. smoked weed for 10 yrs, and then boom, developed an allergy.. it was a 10 minute drive to the hospital and we almost diddnt make it.. you shouldnt smoke any more if ya wanna keep breathing, but if you absolutely must, take an allergy pill evry 12 hrs and you will probly not experience it.. if it persists with the otc allergy meds, dont fuck with it anymore.. if you really suspect anxiety, try a glass of wine 20 minutes prior.. my money is on allergy..

    one bud at a time
  9. Although, a doctors opinion is a lot more credible than mine.
  10. I think you might be right about tonsilitis, because i just spoke with my sister and she said my mother use to get the same thing and she had her tonsils removed. I never knew, so its likely i could have the same problem passed on from my mother. IT looks exactly like tonsilitis also i have a lot of the symptoms of it. I read that your tonsils fight bacteria to help from getting in your lungs and making you sick, it could be possible the weed is just irritating my tonsils and thats whats causing them to swell up. Wouldnt explain the bumps on my throat tho...
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    You should get it checked with a doctor. Tonsillitis is easy to treat with antibiotics, but a pain in the ass because it can make you feel like a piece of shit.
    I got my tonsils removed last year, worst 3 weeks of my life after surgery, god it felt like a very long journey back to health, but I've never felt healthier then I do now and can smoke heaps of weed again so I'm stoked.
  12. So did you get the same symptoms i do? Is smoking weed way more comfortable now after the removal?
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    My throat LOOKED like yours whenever I got Tonsillitis, but I didn't have any problems with breathing, so it could be an allergy of some sort.
    My tonsils would swell almost weekly, usually if I was tired or hadn't been eating well, and often after I smoked. Now they have been hacked outta me I'm sweet as. Smoking weed is definitely a lot more comfortable.
  14. Hmm, im not sure if its an allergy im only allergic to amoxicillian and that was recently descovered when i got strep throat. Never been allergic to anything else that i know of and the odds of it being weed is slim very slim.
    It isnt hard for me to breath, i just natrually start to breath slower probably cause im high and becuase my tonsils are swelling so its making my airway smaller. Every time i smoke my tonsils act up but a day of not smoking my tonsils look better. Instantly after smoking my tonsils look infected, white and swollen. I feel like the smoke or weed is making my tonsils fuck up but idk why, im going to see a doctor this weekend and if it is tonsillitis then im going to get them removed so i dont have to deal with antibiotics and shit. Im leaning more torwards my tonsils then an allergy.
    Hopefully it's tonsils and not an allergy to weed :p
    Not sure what the medical system is like wherever you live, but I had a very hard time trying to convince the doctors that I needed them taken out. The surgery is quite risky the older you get, you have a higher chance of bleeding out during surgery.
    I eventually traveled to a doctor in my home town, one who I knew would help me, I cried and told her I couldn't handle it anymore and I had surgery within a month :)
  16. You should show that pic to your doctor
    I once felt like my throat was swelling up from smoking.  It was the first time I got very very high.  Looking back it was likely just a psychological reaction but I actually believed I wasn't able to breathe for a min
    My buddy quickly got me something to drink and I recovered nicely
  17. And try vaping
  18. Hopefully our insurance will cover something like this and hopefully if its tonsilitus i can get them removed easy, I hope i dont bleed to death i had a study done on me for feeling tired and exhausted and my white blood count was lower then normal so safe to say the diagnosed me with anemia but my blood count was hardly low they did it just to be safe and i have never had bleeding issues before.
    Vaping makes it better but still a small effect of irritation.
  19. holy shit i forgot my punctuation
  20. I guess when im swallowing its not my throat that feels like its swallon, its more like tha back of my tung hitting my swollen tonsils..

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