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Throat Pain

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by whatanoob, Jan 18, 2014.

  1. Well I had my tonsils removed this August and the doctor said my throat would be more sensitive to stuff like this. He said it could take upwards of a year, another 6 months, to heal fully.
    I didn't smoke heavily until January so I gave my body time to heal but every time I smoke, mostly gravs, I get the worst cotton mouth imaginable. The back of my throat gets all raspy and dry so I have to awkwardly clear my throat every 5 minutes. I drink water before, burning and after and I still die of pain. 
    I'm a broke college student; a vape would be awesome, but I'm too broke for that shit. That's why I smoke gravs every day... to conserve my wee and $$ as much possible. 

  2. Dont smoke a gravity bong if your throat is sore. Invest in a nice percolated bong
  3. If you can smoke a vape, you should be fine. 
    Whenever I have a sore throat, that is the only time I stop smoking, 
  4. Don't smoke gravity bongs. Get a vape
  5. dont listen to these people, just smoke a bong, a SIMPLE song not this scientific shit loop de loop gay ass shit, the water in the bowl is more than enough to make sure your throat is not iritated if u really need to put ice cubes in the neck of the bong dont voer pay for shit you really dont need a not smoking from somthing thatn sounds like it can kill me  keep it simple and old school

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