Throat is messed up first time vape user

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Heaven1176, May 1, 2016.

  1. I bought my first vape about a week ago at first i hated it and then i found that on the 2nd setting it worked great for weed but the first night i got it to hit right my throat got completely messed up like i lost my voice and everything! i got cough drops and they seemed to help now 3 days later my throat is still very scratchy! i continue to vape cause someone told me i just got to get use to it has anyone else experienced this or anything like this!! should i continue vaping or am i just torturing myself!!
  2. Lol why Would you want to get used to something that's torture?
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  3. Could have been poor quality cannabis. Have you tried a different variety in your vape to rule that out?
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  4. no i always have that good shit!! i think it really was from me being a first time vape user because this is the 4th day and im better each day i will keep y'all posted on how im doing thanks for the reply!
  5. i have been smoking for 23 years and if a vape is better on my lungs then that is what i want to try i am still getting better each day which makes me think that just like i had to get use to smoking!! thanks for the reply!!
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  6. Not saying it caused it but are you using dried grass? The dryer the better when it comes to vapes (vapes love dry grass). Also my wife who is a non-smoker always has a cold water during her vape sessions.
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  7. Sounds like vaping is worse for you. I'm just not the type of person that forces myself to like something.....I guess you are
  8. Its the Flowermate v7.0s
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  9. You're doing it wrong. I have the easy vape digital vaporizer and you gotta set it at 400 and when the vapor starts forming, I turn it down to 380, and it is a beautiful experience. I will never smoke anothet blunt EVER again. I got so high, I almost astral projected. It was an out of body experience, man! :)
  10. I used to have a chronic cough when smoking blunts. Now no more dry mouth that lasts for more than a day, I get super high, higher than I ever did before, and.... it doesn't irritate my throat. You might be inhaling too soon before it turns into vapor. Ijs
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