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Throat infection + Portable vaporizer, help?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Twist3d, Mar 24, 2013.

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    I've been suffering from throat infections for a while, I think I need to stay away from the smoke (which I know isn't helping)... I've been searching and MFLB seems to be a nice little portable vape (Those characteristics are important to me)

    I've been a daily smoker since I'm 17 (I'm 21 right now, started smoking occasionally around 15)... I've red some comments (maybe trolls) that claim that "This vape doesn't get me high".

    I've never tried a REAL vape before, just those crappy homemade light bulb (they suck btw, but gets the job done LOL)

    You think I will make the right choise if I get this vape? Or I should consider another one? I need something small, porable, stealth & cheap.

  2. The Vapor Genie is a good starter one, and it's cheaper than the MFLB. It runs on lighters though and it eats through them though, so keep that in mind. I have the MFLB and the Solo as portables, the Solo is really good and has cool vapor. The only downsize is it's size, but I can still fit it in my pocket. Good battery life as well, I vaped 4 bowls in a cold environment on 5-7 and still could vape a couple more bowls. The Solo is also a bit more expensive (can find it on eBay for $130ish, it's $160 on puffitup) and bigger, but IMO worth it for it's vapor production and battery life.
  3. The Solo seems too big for my needs :(

    I'm also considering buying a small glass bong to take mini-hits, you guys think It will be harsh for my throat?

    (The vape is a must, the bong well, I'm still thinking about it)

    I used to smoke daily from my one-hitter (metallic), sometimes joints, not too many blunts...
  4. maybe a whip with the mflb is good enough since the Water pipe adapter is kinda pricey.
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    Agree ^ Just keep in mind the mflb is awesome but can be a little hard to learn how to get the right temp at first, and a dense hit on a vape can still really irritate your throat
    Also the onies, bowls and joints are super bad for your throat man
  6. A new small one came out called the VaporBlunt Pinnacle, $230.
  7. I know, I havent smoked in like 2 weeks and I really dont want to smoke again.
    I'm saving some money because it seems that the MFLB is the one for me, small, portable & stealth.

    I'll miss my pipe & joints :(
  8. the mflb becomes extremely tedious after a while. If I could have gone back in time I would have gone straight for the arizer solo and saved myself some money. Definitely the best portable vaporizer i've tried.

    I used to love smoking bongs all day but this thing just delivers a much more satisfying high I don't even think about smoking anymore :smoke:

  9. Yep, definitely where I'm at right now :wave:
  10. I doubt it! :p
  11. I don't miss my pipe at all. Been vaping since mid-January. I have smoked once. It was not pleasurable for me at all that one time. I won't go back to burning it.

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