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  1. First time dealing with pest besides fungus gnats. Im certain they are thrips. I had 2 moms i didn't care about in my veg tent. They were on the verge of dying. The moment i fully let them dry out. I notice some on my clones and seedlings. I look at the moms and there were a shit ton a dozen on each leaf it seemed like. My fault for even leaving plants i didn't care about in there. I sprayed neem and a botanical mix. Removed the moms. Unfortunately i notice some in my flower tent, not flipped yet. Did the same spray. Ordered spinosad aswell. Question is how fixable is this? Is it better to scrap an start fresh in some cases? 20221109_020747.jpg 20221109_020743.jpg 20221109_020736.jpg 20221109_020704.jpg 20221109_020634.jpg 20221109_020622.jpg
  2. Those aren’t thrips, at least not the ones I’m familiar with.
    Maybe someone else can ID them.
    Maybe ladybug larvae?:confusedalt:
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  3. Wish they weren't, read that most people deal with the more white and yellow kind. But they can get black aswell. I'm indoors, they also kinda jump when disturbed.
  4. I can tell you . Wash them for 14 days straight soapy water . Then prey you killed them all. Odds are 70 percent there gone. plants will be stressed all the water . In 14 days you could of planted a new seed it would be 4 inches tall. Bleach the SHIT out of the entire area . Clean the entire room. Wipe the tent bleach.
    Those bugs have a serious grip on the plant . I would just pass.
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  5. Scrap the plants and bug balm the grow area. Sorry, plants were green and looking good.
  6. Are you sure those are thrips? I’ve never seen the black kind, and those look huge to be thrips. Also, the leaf damage doesn’t look like thrips that I have encountered.
  7. Edit:
    I stand corrected
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  8. whatever they are it is time for them to die.
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  9. No worries, get this

    SMC - Spidermite control

    Get a very fine spray/mist and spray them Both side of the leaf, this is natural oils and will 101% kill them all including eggs , everything

    really cool and cheap and smell great, anyhow isnt good for to spray on buds

    didnt have enough air in/out and got spidermites for the first time and i was so sad because i been reading on net how bad they are but sprayd this once all fkers died hahaha, 2 weeks later i had thrips (same as yours) sprayd again and allll dead , fixed my air in and no more problems

    good Luck man

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  10. I did my second spray, 1st time with spinosad. Honestly the first spray with neem and the essential oils took care most. The spinosad really was the icing on the cake! I really have to look for 1. I'll do 2 more applications 1 of each in the next week and flip. Then once or twice each week till i see preflowers. Fingers crossed! Glad i caught it before i flipped. My plants weren't the healthiest due to delayed transplant. But oh well this gives them time to get healthy.

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