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  1. Just read an ad for a book called _Three a Light_, at least I think that's the name. They claim to teach you to grow three pounds per light. The real catch is the book costs $500. They mention the basics in the High Times article- to quote "“Those nine spokes,” he explains, “are temperature, humidity, CO2, room dynamics, genetics, food, water, manicuring and pruning, and, of course, TLC. All of these play into your yield. Once you understand how they need to be applied, you’ll roll your way from seed all the way to the finished flower. But if you remove any of these spokes, the wheel won’t roll as smoothly.” They mention removing all the fan leaves as soon as you start to flower. Since the fan leaves are "sugar factories" of course you need special nutes to give the plants sugar.
    My point was $500.00 per book. Talk about taking advantage of folks....
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  2. I agree that's a lot of money just to teach someone the basics of growing when you can just ask folks on here for the same thing the book would teach you.
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  3. 3 pounds? Must be a big light. Sounds more like they're teaching you how to use BS to make a million.
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  4. Shame that its all about the money for some
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  5. Shoot I didn't even spend $300 on my whole grow room. Only spent about $150 on a tent and $50 fro seeds(already had dirt and pots and lights).
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  6. And no refunds! Shady. I'm happy with my QP per.

    Be kind. Perfect your craft. Give more than you take. We are family.
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  7. Beets the $500 them dodgys wants for their book thing!!! Good luck wi ya grow babe . Sound good x xx

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