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  1. something i'm sure everyone has thought of at some point. if you could have any 3 things happen, aside from the unlimited wishes bs, what would they be? i'm interested to hear what you guys come up with.

    mine would be:

    1. flight
    2. absolutely no corruption in the government
    3. immortality
  2. 1. Unlimited amounts of any strain I want
    2. 500% increase in creativity when I'm stoned
    3. The ability to conjure up any creative tool I need (music instruments, brushes, pencils, day glow paint, etc.) .
  3. 1. Unlimited Amounts of weed
    2. Unlimited Amounts of horny naked chicks
    3. Three more wishes
  4. 1. A bottomless, never ending bank account.
    Write any check, make any purchase, withdrawn whatever you want. Then id sit on the other two wishes. Never know when u might need them.

    I've thought alot about this, and as sad and materialistic as it sounds, this is the ONE wish u would really need. Save the other two in case u get cancer or something.

    Some say money doesn't buy happiness...I call bullshit.

    Give me an endless cash flow and you will NEVER see me unhappy
  5. 1.World evolution

    2.For Mushroom to beh Happy. (B

    3.To smoke kush with another being from an advanced planet.
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    Would the advanced being match you with some crazy reptilian bud?

  7. Lofl! what's reptilian bud? (hahaha):bongin:
  8. Lol its that CHRONIC!

    Lol, ok crazy alien bud?
  9. Who knows?......

    That's why I "wish" I could.
  10. Rofl!
    This is a good thread to be high in!
  11. 1. Removed the gene for human aggression.
    2. Make people in the world all one color.
    3. End mainstream religion.
  12. 1) Love for everyone
    2) Intelligence for everyone
    3) That everyone lived by the code of Bushido or at least commen respect, kindness and love.
  13. 1. Theme music. nothing too fancy, maybe like sanford and son.
    2. I wanna be the best at something. just one thing, anything, the best on the planet.
    3. slightly bigger genitals. balls and all.
  14. 1.Endless cash flow
    2.Ability to Teleport
    3.Jedi mind tricks
  15. 1.Learn ultimate truths
  16. 1. To have all the knowledge in and of the world.
    2. Someone to always love and love me, without strings or strains.
    3. ? (maybe save for a rainy day?)
  17. 1. Teleport powers
    2. Infinite weed
    3. A genie
  18. Unlimited wealth
    World peace
    Immunity from being arrested for any crime anywhere
  19. 1. Motherfucking spaceship
    2. Bottomless room of weed
    3. Cure cancer

    Edit: oh and make my wang sort of freakishly huge. Some girth would be nice

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