Three questions. Two are simple, ones strange.

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  1. Simple question 1:
    All my seeds have sprouted out the ground. Some of my leaves are turning yellowish, is this normal?

    Simple question 2:
    How early can i put sand around the top of my pots to fight off fungus gnats? I dont want to damage my babies!

    One of my plants started with three leaves and it also seems to be lagging behind the rest. Whats up with that.The strain is Heavyweight Fruit Punch.

    Pictures below:
    1457891984037.jpg 1457892039605.jpg
  2. 1. Cotyledons turn yellow. They're the little round leaves that help the sprout get started. If the main fan leaves are yellowing...that's bad.
    2. Sand is a new one to me. Some of us put mosquito bits or nuggets on the top of the soil to attack fungus gnat larvae (though not overwatering is the best defense!). I also use hydroguard which keeps root fungus from forming (it's bacteria that eats root fungus).
    3. This could be a few things. Most likely it was injured coming out of the seed. Possibly a mutant but unlikely. In a week or two you may not see a difference anymore. I'm guessing the bottom left in the pic?

    However!...are you already seeing gnats? Some soils just have the larvae in them. Don't care if it's fox farm, MG, organic, or just happens. If so, be agressive. Let your soil dry out very well. Get them mosq nugs, and maybe some food grade diatomaceous earth to boot. I use these every time because of 1 bad experience on my 1st indoor grow. Make sure you're only watering about once a week.

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  3. Looks like it's got three cotyledons to me. Might get lucky, i hear sometimes they grow three leaves on each nodes giving you 1/3 extra bud branches from each node. Never seen anything like that myself.
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  4. Now I see. The fist pic wasn't loading for me. If you get three main branches, then yes it is a mutant, but like PNW says, not in a bad way.

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  5. Thank you for being so helpful brother! I really appreciate it!

    Im not sure why they are slightly yellowing a little, if you zoom in youll see. I think it may be due to the gnats though, either that or me spraying them all the time with the lights on. I have a 1000 watt mh on them but its 6 feet above. The humidity is low so i try to keep them wet.

    I do have this stuff i bought from a hydro shop thats suppose to kill them... when i get home ill send you what organic stuff it has to kill the gnats im just scared to use it this early. Its a liquid that i can mix with water. The guy said i can use it up to the day of harvest thoufg.

    I've grown before and gnats have always been a problem for me. Normally its at a later stage though. I put sand on the top of my pots and it keeps them at bay. Normally after i do that i only see a few flying around. Works pretty well.

    I did see these things at lowes that i think youre talking about but i dont want to harm my seedlings!

    I will be making a grow journal soon. I hope youll follow. Ince again, thanks for the help.
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  6. My pleasure.. Fyi...mosquito bits don't harm seedlings so if you see em, don't be afraid to grab a jug!

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  7. These?
    Shop Mosquito Dunks 6-Pack Mosquito Dunks at Lowe's

    And if so do i just crush them and set the bits on top of the soil and water as i normally would?

    Here is what the liquid i have has in it.
  8. The liquid I am unfamiliar with. Yes on the dunks, but they also come pre crushed. See pic. Also in pic is the liquid I give weekly.

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  9. [​IMG]

    So yes. The water carries the bacteria down into the soil where it can attack the larvae which is awesome. The hydroguard bacteria eats root fungus so double attack. Let us know how your liquid works if you use it!

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  10. Cant see the image. :( some things i cant find around here locally by the way.
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  11. No worries. The dunks are fine. Just read directions carefully.

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  12. I can see it now. Can i find them at lowes? I probably wont be able to get the hydroguard unless i get it online.

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  13. My Lowe's has both dunks and bits. The hydroguard is at most garden stores, but I Amazoned em.

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  14. Are the dunks the same thing? Id rather go to the store than order from amazon, but if i have to i will though. Tired of these things, have issues with gnats every time. They havent damaged anything yet that i know of in my previous grows but ive never had a problem with them this early.

    Im gonna look that stuff up i have and see if i can find any info on it.
  15. Same thing. Just nice when they're pre-crushed. Makes dosage easier and you don't have to touch it so much. And yes. Gnats are awful. Still better than whiteflies though!

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  16. you can also use gnatrol it's just a bottle of powdered bascilis bacteria, you put it in warm water to activate it like yeast then just water with it. It's the same as the mosquito dunks but it works pretty much overnight because it's not slow release. My fungus gnat infestation was pretty small though. The dunks didn't work for me.
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  17. Do you think it would harm seedlings? Lol i spent a lot of money on seeds this time, well a lot of money for me anyways. I dont wanna fuck this up.

    I know the sand works well but i am scared it will harm my small babies. I always use the sand and then after that i only see a few flying around. I dont see a lot flying around now but i know the longer theyre around the more there will be.
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    The bascilis shouldn't effect the plants in any way. They are just bacteria in the soil, the excrete a toxin that makes the bugs die, doesn't effect plants. i used gnatrol on a brand new clone just a few days after i had it home and it was fine. used it on my THC bomb seedling after i put it in the one gallon and it was fine. that was about the youngest i've used it because i wouldn't use it until i saw a gnat.
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  19. Awesome. Will look for it this weekend.

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