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  1. Ladies and gentlemen, I bring you THE THIRD DIMENSION!

    Stereoscopic photography is an interest of mine. I took this picture (well, two pictures) a while back, I believe it was White Rhino. Friend-of-a-friend's, I guess you could say.

    Here's how to view this kind of picture. There's also more (non-weed) stereos on that site if you're interested.

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  2. I can see it...but it's easier with the circles. Pretty neat, though.
  3. gets too blurry when I do it But the circles worked great
  4. usually i'm really good at this type of stuff. but i can't seem to cross my eyes and focus at the same time. :(
  5. HOLY CRAP!! I GOT THIS PERFECT!! it looks so real i feel like i can reach out and grab it (that would rule) love to see more like this!
  6. I can say that that is fucking amazing!!!! Please add some more for viewing (and drooling pleasure), plus any tips on creating them?
  7. Daaaaaaaamn dude, that is so sick! Awesome website too. I got a headache from crossing my eyes and looking at all those pics, though, hah. This was one of my favorites.


    Made me feel like I was actually there.
  8. Thats sick. Its kinda like those 3d pics from awhile back, where it was just this design, then if you did this typa thing you could see the 3d shape. ANyone remember those?
  9. ^^^

    Yeah, I remember those. Shit's were lame, I could never do em.
  10. Thanks, everyone.

    Here's how I make them. I take one picture, then move the camera over some (from a few inches to a few feet, depends), and take a second. Then I put them side-by-side, in reverse from how they were taken (the one that was taken on the left is put on the right). I use Photoshop for this, but any decent image editing program will do. You could do the same thing with a regular film camera, too, just tape the photos to a piece of paper or something.

    I've got some more that aren't on the site, and I wanna revamp it all once I get better hosting. I keep telling myself to ask my ISP about it but keep forgetting.

    Here's some new ones I took last week in the Texas hill country.

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  11. And den...

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  12. where do they find these blair witch spots anyway, wish i had trees like that
  13. Yo that's pretty sweet man, I'm gunna link to your site in my AIM profile :)

    Oh and btw how do you know exactly how far apart the two pictures should be taken? Just out of curiosity...
  14. r0x0r

    The farther away it is, the greater the separation you want.

    If it's something up close, like the car models, then maybe only like 3", also that's about how far apart your eyes are.

    The picture of the palms EuropeanVW posted is maybe 6".

    If it's more like a landscape, where the subject is pretty far away, then it's more like a foot, or a yard, or even more. You've gotta be careful with those kind since there might be something in the foreground of one picture that's not even in the other one, which will look pretty messed up. The most separation I've tried is the ballpark estimate of 500 feet, which was taken out the window of a car going down the highway. I needed that much since the subject (a cloud) was miles away.

    There's gotta be a simple equation to figure out the optimal separation based on the distance, maybe I'll work on that one of these days.

    That's one of my favorite Family Guy quotes, BTW!

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