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  1. I have a plant that is growing outdoors that i started from seed. Its leaves are skinny but they are only three or single leaf. It definitely is a female and looks healthy. The stems on the branches are really thin but there are lots of them. Its a pretty bushy plant. Any ideas on if its a specific strain? Did research and didnt find much
  2. There's no way to tell strain unless you know the strain the seed came from and why it made seeds (hermie/pollen).

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  3. I know, ill get a picture up tomorrow of it.
  4. That happens to me when my girls begin to flower and reveg
  5. I heard about that too, but would it reveg outdoors? And i feel like the plants been like this the whole time..its really weird
  6. Yeah my reveled too because for two weeks we had dark skies confusing my ladies to flip
  7. Ruderalis strains like their 1 and 3 finger leaves.

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  9. Reveg for sure.

    If you are up against a house, and that changes the amount of day light you get, then plants will start to flower in the spring, veg again when the days get longer, then flower again. You are stuck in reveg, and that plant wont yield much. Sorry, hope I am wrong.
  10. Hmm my only argument would be that the other plants seem fine

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