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Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by NFloyd2357, Aug 15, 2008.

  1. I made a thread that was deffinitely about marijuana use. It was about tolerance, mostly, and the marijauana paradox of how smoking less often gets you more high. I was befuddled to see if moved to the Real life section. I don't care much, but it aggrevates the hell outta me when mods seem to go on a nazi-speel, and move and delete threads like crazy. I've seen COMPLETELY off topic threads in the actual Marijuana Use section never get moved, yet this one, which is BLATANTLY about marijuana use gets moved. weird.
  2. Well, the "nazi-speel" (or just plain surge in activity as I would put it) they're on right now is probably due to the fact that a whole grip of new forums were just added and all the mods have a lot of work to do now, trying to get all the threads sorted out into these new categories.

    Obviously some disagreements on thread placement will be had here and there. Just let it slide though man, they're doing a lot around here right now. We should be appreciating, not complaining. :wave:
  3. true. i agree mostly. Lol i can't even read some of the sections right now, its just filled with moved and deleted threads. It'll be nice when everyone starts posting in the right section, or moved threads die down
  4. True. Honestly, I was wondering about the demolition of the Seasoned Tokers forum.
  5. We're working on it guys. We're trying (again) to get all of the sections straigtened out. If anything gets moved to the wrong place, or you feel it shouldn't be moved, PM one of us Mods or Admin like RMJL, they can make a decision. We're trying our best to get the forums running smoothly, and I know I personally apologize if any threads were moved by me wrongly.


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