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  1. Anybody else hate this stupid /thread crap?

    Sick and tired of seeing people stating one sentence and then saying /thread as if their opinion is the only one that matters. :mad:

    ..... How many posts does it take for a /thread in this thread?
  2. 1.

  3. Hey is your sig from a vonnegut book, seems his style
  4. Yeah, it's not very open minded of them, that's for sure :laughing: It's not like they're the Admin or something like that. Whatever, it doesn't stop anyone from continuing the thread:laughing:
  5. I think it's over used. It should only be used when the person owns the op hard.
  6. Lol. ^^ Agreed.
  7. I want my gravestone to read... /thread :p
  8. Im right, you're wrong

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    Now that's dedication.

    I find it's overused, but it's humorous, so I'm ok with it.
  10. Pwnt.

  11. It may be. I stole it from some person I barely know on Facebook :p What's your favorite book by him? I need something new to read, and he was recommended to me by an old friend. I just never ended up actually reading his stuff.

    :laughing::laughing::laughing: So true, and it does always make me lmfao. :laughing:

    That's the thing; most of the time, they think they do. They're just too narrow minded to see the truth (usually.) In this usual case, they're just dumbasses. I've seen maybe (maaaaybe!) 5% of these posts that have a deserving /thread in there. And even then it makes me mad, because it may have discouraged something new, and/or exciting/hilarious! Shit, it's stopped me from posting!

  12. Yeah, that's basically want /thread means :laughing:
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    I also think it's useful when people don't read any other posts in the thread and the same opinion is repeated over and over when it's a pretty straight forward answer.
  14. /newtopic

  15. Exactly. It's overused in that respect.

    It's kind of lost it's meaning even when it is used properly
  16. I hate that too! I almost made a thread about that the other day as well :p

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