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Discussion in 'Marijuana Grow Journals' started by zonerr, Oct 1, 2003.

  1. I was smokin some good sh** one day and i came across a seed! So I decided to give her some life! So I put her in some toilet paper in a sandwich baggie and placed it on top of the tv for warmth! I have never been good at growing anything so my expectations werre not too high! I figured at the worst I would screw it up and the plant wouldn't make it!
    Well through all the trials and tribulations of my 1st growing experience the mods & members of grasscity have been there every step of the way!
    And for that i felt i should take a pic of the plant and put it up for everyone to see!This is what your help has done for me and i appriciate it emensly!!!!!!
    I Never hear anybody making a post thanking the mods and members who make this city work so well!!!!!!!!

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  2. I have a real shitty webcam!
  3. I agree Sid helps me alot because I have yet to grow a plant full season without it dying, but little by little Im getting help from everyone. Thanx yall! (yes I am Southern) lol
  4. The grow mod's ROCK! My plants kicked ass because of the advice I got. The only thing I ever have a serious problem with is over-fertilizing and that's my fault since I know better. I just over-do some things! :p

    Thanks for all you guys do to help us be successful!!! :D
  5. i stunted it by repotting 2 weeks into flowering!
    It has been flowering for about 40 days!It is doing great!
    But it is stretched out from my lights being too far away initially(during vegging)Live and learn i say right!

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  6. well i don't grow, but if i did iknow i'd be thankin u guys:D!!
  7. anybody know(or think they know?) what kind it is???
    indica or sativa?

    and the leaves on top are curling at the tips as you can see.Sorta!

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  8. We have grow mods at the city?? Damn where have I been all this time...

    The grow mods here at the city




    You guys and gals are great!!!!!
  9. I definitely read all the things they say, and I've had a great first grow to start. Hats off to them!
  10. i'm not growing now, but even tho, i still gotta say a big thnx. i dont spend alot of time in the grow sections... its too painfull to see it all when yer not growing. but the knowledge is still there and still of great value. thankyou grow mods for sharing in your knowledge and experience. .. and thankyou other mods too, and well... everyone. we make the city what it is.

    hey zoner, did you prune that plant once early to get two main shoots?

    looks good anyways.

    :( i miss having plants.
  11. Yea i did prune it once! Did it so i could have 2 tops!Wanted to have four but didn't get a chance.

    Thanks,If I touch the stem my hands come away smelling like a good bag of kindbub!MMMMMMMMMMMMM......

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