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Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by Palmer Eldritch, Aug 7, 2008.

  1. I think the tags are a really good idea but they aren't displayed that well in my opinion. They crowd the title and generally make the index messy looking. I was wondering if they could be only displayed within the thread or search or perhaps a popup when you mouseover an icon....
  2. i second this, good idea dude.:)
  3. Once again... since I use the new posts button - Tags don't really do much for me. :(
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    I agree dude, i came here to post that. :)

    exhibit A:
  5. I'm glad you noticed that.... ;)
    could be someone trying to prove a point
  6. I tweaked the settings a bit, hope that helps
  7. You're awesome Superjoint, thanks for making GC what it is.

    the best site ever. :smoking:
  8. I second the OP, or I guess it's already been seconded but I agree.
  9. I think a lot of people use it as a means to act childish and tag the threads with stupid shit.
  10. According to the General section right now, you're right.
  11. Thank God it looks like they've been turned off
  12. I didn't turn the function off but only the thread starter can tag the thread they started...for right now. If we need to kill the function, we will.
  13. I was just wondering if anyone can please explain to me what the reason for putting tags on a thread would be.
    I am guessing that they are html that you can add to your title for a broader search spectrum. Please correct me if I am wrong.

  14. You're right, it's just to help people find your thread if they're searching for similar topics AFAIK.

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